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Why are you coping so hard?

that roar paralyzed and dismembered Goofy
Goofy is only alive because he was in G5 that allows him to put himself back together

Those shields also blocked warcury and damaged him, and they felt no damage from warcury unlike Goofy
shields > goofy's haki
"Dismembered", yeah, removing his sandals and scars, especially latter being physically impossible and only being testament to Luffy's form manipulating reality. Stop the cope, the roar did nothing. Dorry and Broggy blocked Warcury's bladed tusks and pushed him back, that's not the same as hitting his skull.

You still butthurt Akainu's equal is a Yonko commander? Move on Kurwa.
If Joy Boy was the first ancient pirate, who was the second ancient pirate?

D: Hi there, Oda-sensei!! I was watching a pirate movie on DVD with subtitles, and I noticed the actors were saying something about "Davy Jones's Locker". But the subtitles said "turned into fishfood". Could this Davy be the Davy in Davy Back Fight?! Was Davy Jones a real life pirate? Please tell us.

Oda: Well, to be clear, "Davy Back" doesn't exist in any legend. Davy Back Fight is a game that exists only in the world of One Piece. But the "Davy Jones Locker" that Robin mentions in Volume 33 is a well-known legend among sailors in real life. There are several different accounts, but in general there was a lying, no-good pirate named Davy Jones, a greedy deck chief who was famous for putting all the crew's valuables in his own locker. He was so wicked, even for a pirate, that one day the Devil himself cursed Davy to live at the bottom of the sea forever, swabbing the deck of a sunken ship and placing all the sunken treasure into his locker, where it would never be seen again. So when pirates say "Put 'im in Davy Jones' locker!!" it means "sink 'im to the bottom o' the sea!!"

''Deck chief'' is usually the right-hand/first mate.

Could it be Davy Jones?
Davy Jones being Joy boys right hand man confirmed? :choppawhat::choppawhat::choppawhat::choppawhat:

Sir Tuna Sandwich II

SII - Sakazuki Incinerate Imu
Why would they do that?
Vegapunk's broadcast is international news, are they stupid or something?

Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
Why would they do that?
Vegapunk's broadcast is international news, are they stupid or something?
Yes the Gorosei are stupid.

But to answer your question, nobody actually knows what is happening on Egghead right now. So they wouldn’t know if the Gorosei kill all the Marines, they would just see the broadcast stop.

When the Gorosei go to kill the Marines and even Kizaru himself, that is the moment where Kizaru will betray them.
It sound to me when they say all life they mean snail life cause killing fodder marines or anything else not going stop the message .
Which damn funny that running around killing snails .
Ok, VP definitely hid the Den Den Mushi in the AR. It’s neigh indestructible and I absolutely can see how the Gorosei now will be drawn to destroying it while his message continues if they find out.
I’m going to laugh if VP didn’t even mean to hide it there he just put it in by accident when half his body got stuck in the robot early this arc.


✌𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓢𝓲𝓶𝓹𝓵𝓲𝓬𝓲𝓽𝔂 𝓸𝓯 𝓛𝓲𝓯𝓮✌
Can't wait for 2 piece when we see Toko take Yasuies sword and go crazy
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