One Punch Man - Chapter 127: Demons Combined!

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He has a blatant weakness that someone like Nyan can easily exploit so i doubt it. He was a standard demon before he underwent his transformation, essentially fodder to the s-class. I never said i LITERALLY only want to see Garou and Saitama, there’s other things/characters i can appreciate, they’re just what keep me going. Again, there’s no development in the Phoenix Man fight, Child Emperor starts going through some at the end of the arc actually from what i remember.

Anyways this is going in circles, i never said OPM is bad or that even this specific arc is bad, i think it’s mediocre so far.
Not really as he would be more aware of how Cadres fight and work since he is very vocal and informative person tto prepare for the worse if can be. He is interesting and got something unique on his hands than being similar to certain creatures and great introductions to how equipment can give you power.

Sounds like you are from how you sounding and your not appreciating what is shown to you if you think this arc is 'mediocre' when we know by fair it is hardly any of that. The fight had meaning and good purpose, but your ignoring a bit much to get to certain characters you want to see and do. You shouldn't do that with OPM as it knows what it is doing.
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