One Punch Man - Chapter 135


Lazy is the way
My only fear is that One will troll us hard with Blast like he did with every shonen/hero trope/cliché. There are some chance that he teases us a great design from the past but now Blast retired and became some fat ugly lazy shit haha


Legal Tax Evasion
The chapter pissed me off. I was like that's it!!? Lol

But Blast is inspiring everyone now....still betting that Blast knows of all the stuff happening but wants humanity to involve on it's own. A lazy version of Psychos per say
i though that there is more than the spoiler, but it was not...
Saitama acknowledged by a few class S -> a glimpse of Blast
saitama acknowledged by a few class A or B -> a glimpse of Blast
saitama acknowledged by a few leader Neo heroes -> a glimpse of Blast / Blue start talking
saitama........ Still long long way to...... Haha
Come to think of it, monsters such as:

- Black Sperm
- Evil Natural Water
- Fuhrer Ugly
- Gums
- Homeless Emperor

they have not been defeated yet by S-class heroes. Assuming Orochi and Psykos soon will die, what about those?