Discussion Power One Punch Man Tier List

Tats and Black Sperm(or better,Golden Sperm) are easy mid tiers Dragons
They’re not Dragon. They’re “Above Dragon,” which is the level that Murata/One put Boros and Orochi at. They’re with Orochi at the low end of Above Dragon. There’s a pretty big gap between Tats/GS/Orochi and Boros/Garou
Remind me, what were Bug God’s feats? I remember him beating up a weakened Garou with Royal Ripper
he’s simply too durable. Garou’s punches were innefective, and so was a barrage of Royal Ripper’s blades that Garou deflected towards Bug God.

and in the Darkshine fight he revealed he had an even superior form to this.


Sour Taxes
I’ll have to look into that. I remember that Genos knocked DSK out of his hydrated mode in their first fight with just one attack because his attacks are heat-based
That was their first fight. Little DSK was equal to injured Genos. Genos got stronger after beating G4 and taking his parts as upgrades, and two shotted big sea King in a simulation. Sneck, Metal Bat, Darkshine and Zombieman were there too.