[FNZ] Light game Phineas And Ferb

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He has no reason to go for Town cred. Either it's the wrong lynch or he's Town, which means it's also the wrong lynch because Zemmi and or Tris would be scum there. Best case he misplaced.
Maybe he hopes to have me lynched in another day because I'm being sussed and wanting to strike as the last townie around.

Though that also means Mafia would not try to kill me during the night, not sure how much that can be true he wishes so.


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Scum have no reason to bus at all. They can easily force a coin flip and that's GG. They *should* default to winning said coin flips anyway. The only thing that gives me some hope is no one has counter claimed Tris as the Serial but... we'll see. I just want this over with tbh.
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