Future Events Please enlighten me why ZKK won't happen

Honestly, I try to wear the opposing hat but I can't find any reason to justify the following

  • Why Oda makes Kaido only dodge Flying Dragon Blaze, the identical move with Ryuma
  • Why Zoro Asura is so underwhelming and Kaido has never acknowledged Zoro. If it's the end of Zoro vs Kaido, why not just let Kaido acknowledge him as a strong samurai. It will be perfect ending for Zoro vs Kaido.
  • "There will never be a strong samurai as Oden again". If the fight has already ended, this Kaido's statement will become true. There is no way Oda would let Kaido to be correct about this.
  • Toki's prophecy. The dawn and 9 shadows stuff haven't happened yet and it fits Zoro's Asura perfectly.
  • Grim Reaper. Why bother drawing this if it contributes to nothing.
  • Black blade. It is likely that Zoro will turn black blade this arc. What is the best situation for him to turn black blade if the war is already ended?
  • Nidai. Why introduce Nidai. Just to introduce Tenguyama ancestor? It is likely that Tenguyama will ask Zoro to use Nidai and Zoro needs to impress him somehow
  • Why Zoro was compared to Ryuma by Kawamatsu and Hyugoro. If Zoro's role is already ended, there is no way Wano samurais will acknowledge Zoro and why hype Zoro as the potential next Ryuma at the first place?
ZKK scenario will perfectly resolve all plot discrepancies above.

The are many Anti-ZKK but I fail to find any rational argument to justify the plots above. Even if they have argument, all of them are "Zoro can't outshine Luffy, the MC", which is the absolute dump. You guys are better than this. Please enlighten me why ZKK should not happen. I really want to switch side but can't find compelling reason to do so...
Usually I do not partake in powerscaling threads, but your question sounds more like an analytical one. if you are still interested, I could go over the panels you find strange and do detailled story analysis.

(I am not a person that calls fans a "Zorotard" or something alike. This would be plain analysing without bad thought in mind - just some fun for me.)