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You can't win
Hello everyone,

Decided to call you out now because it's that time of the year again. Indeed, for the second time, we'd run another Popularity Poll Event, this time for the year of 2020, and the schedule looks as followed


  • Start the 7th december 2020
  • End the 22nd december 2020

We decided once again to focus on important figures, with us selecting 50 to make this popularity poll worth it. These 50 candidates will then be classified in 2 groups with selection criteras for the next rounds looking as followed, and as mentioned last year, the winner of the previous year of the popularity poll would be excluded(in this case - Zoro).

The winner will get his own theme that'd be prepared for the next year.

Have fun :optimistic:

-- The Worstgen Staff
The most popular shall prevail.

Marco is also very popular on WorstGen but I don't feel he will make it. We shall see though!
not sure about most popular but the number of Zoro fans in WG is massively above others :)

other character (not team) fanbases have at best 10 REALLY active member ... (bar Sanji and Luffy)
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WISH well for Katakuri also​
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