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Do you think Ace spoke to Whitebeard Pirates members about his trip to Wano ?

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Hello, so long that it was not here 🥺

I hope everybody is fine!!!

I guess everyone here read chapter 999.

Our dear boy took up half the chapter. It was emotional to see how he talked about Luffy with Yamato. Ace really loved Luffy and was confident that he was going to be Pirate King. Luffy was a source of pride and a great reason to want to live for Ace.

Marco also remembered Ace with nostalgia and affection and I think that reflects the feelings of many.

Hope we get more flashbacks of Ace in what's left of Wano.

@Bogard , dear bro, we finally had the Ace vs Yamato scene (although a brief battle, but I liked it) And now I remember Yamato saying that Luffy was strong and that he held back when fighting, just like Ace...So I think Ace never intended to kill or do real harm to Yamato. About the battle, I feel like he wanted to prove what kind of person Yamato was and also he was perceptive enough to realize that Yamato wanted to be free.

And about the poll, we finally know that Ace did talk to Whitebeard and his nakamas about the Wano situation.

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I'd like to join. The Yamato and Ace flashback made me like Ace.