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Do you think Ace spoke to Whitebeard Pirates members about his trip to Wano ?

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Ghost Princess

@Bogard, we could do another poll on this topic. For example, you could ask what we expect to see in the third chapter of Episode A (Boichi's manga). Or if we prefer Novel A or Episode A manga.

I suppose that in the third chapter we´re going to see various things from Teach and surely a couple of Ace fights with New World captains. We know that the plot of this manga is different from that of Novel A.
I have a feeling that this manga is originally planned to be a bit longer, and I think those in charge have the idea of continuing ton'Marineford (if one sees the prologue of this manga, it implies that), due to that in the written novel that idea couldn't be carried out (those of Shueisha said at first that they planned to extend the novel to MF, but that they gave up because the novel was going to be too long).
Now the issue is whether they keep publishing the manga in the magazine or if they do it elsewhere (I guess it depends on several factors)
If Oda, the publishers and/or the Shueisha people maybe decided to go ahead with the Ace spin-off. I prefer that more volumes of the previous novel come out, because continuing to serialize a manga I see it more difficult, although I don't see as likely to continue with the novels either.
The other alternative is for Toei to adapt everything up to Marineford, but personally I prefer that they do it with novel A plot (for me that's canon, because Boichi is adaptation) and OP's manga, with ideas from Oda perhaps.