Current Events Queen's set-up


D Sanji


People need to understand how important the Udon set-up is. It wasnt just a stalling plot-line. Tama and the dango shit came full circle, and now she is controlling all the Gifters in the Island. Soon the Udon plot will come full circle, and we will potentially get O-Lin vs Queen Part 2.
Yh they will play a bigger role then O-Lin I believe.
It's very likely that Big Mom will betray Kaido going forward with all this mentioning of betrayel between pirates that Oda keep on reminding us of every other chapter.

Besides Big Mom and Marco are the outliers of this raid so something definetly is going to happen between these two later on that'll get them out of the battle so the rest of the alliance namely the Strawhats face and take down the beast pirates.