Road to Laugh Tale Booklet

This booklet say Kaido used advanced coc to one shot luffy act 1.
But yonko fans say he didn’t use Advanced coc to one shot gear 4 luffy in wano act 1.
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Lol you brain dead ; Kaido never used adv coc pre 1010 ; every fight we see before has no adv coc for Kaido
I don’t why some people like him deny kaido used advanced coc to one shot act 1 luffy.

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What happened to BM being comparable to Kaido?
GB being stronger is a given but even Orochi can fit in between as one of the most "threatening" adversaries. :suresure:
GB is not stronger than Kaido or Big Mom

Also Mihawk confirmed shit tier without his sword lol, i'm still waiting for Oda to say he's as strong as the Yonko or even Admrials but for some reason he hasn't, gee i wonder why :suresure: