[FNZ] Light game Round 06 : The Bachelor Season 24: A Jester on the Flight

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Ghost Princess
I’m not sure about voting Finalbeta at the moment because being inconsistent is his meta. And I think @Queen pointed out a pretty good point, the champagne scuffle makes little sense if it was jester vs mafia. So I still think Relapse needs to go first.
Go after Lanji! What's wrong with you guys? I'm just the town troll. I'm to dumb originally to be chosen as a mafia role. :kriwhat:
Even if you’re a town, you still dumb at that. You’re not helping at all and only thing you’re doing is raise more suspicion upon yourself and helped the scums push a wagon against you. Sorry man,

Vote Lynch Relapse @Dragomir


The Producers(@Relapse ), the Serial Killer, has been lynched!
Hello there! You are the producer of this season of the bachelor. You win when you have killed everyone in the game.

[Champagne Gate] during the night, choose 2 players that you want to be involved with a bottle of champagne during the cocktail party. The first player you will give the champagne bottle so they can go drink it with Peter. The second player will come in and steal the bottle and drink it with Peter instead. The first player will get mad and next thing you know they have to fight in the game thread and call each other scum. Because of their drama, the players in the thread have to choose which one of them they want to leave the show. They vote for the player in the game thread and that player will leave at the end of the night. [1-shot]

[Villain] you love to make certain people appear as villains in the show in order to increase drama and get more views. Choose a player during the night to become a villain. They turn into a jester for the day. If they fail to get themselves lynched, they go back to being town.

[Boot] choose a player of your choice to remove from the game, effectively “killing” them.
It is now Night 3.
The Producers = Serial Killer. I think it's safe to say that Relapse was an independent killer and didn't have any allies.

So, first and most important, the Champagne Gate was triggered by the Relapse, not by the GM itself, that means Finalbeta could very well still be Scum or Jester.

We never got an answer to why Bogard survived during night 1. Until today, we had two possible answers:
- Jesters are immune at night. That would make the Vigilante/Sane Cop thing pointless.
- Bogard gained night immunity during a group date. (If I recall correctly, Poison Chan didn't confirm who slept with her.)

Now that we know how The Producers role works, there is another possibility:
- Bogard was Scum and had night immunity. Relapse used his [Villain] ability and turned him into a Jester for the Day 2. I don't really know if that would work on another scum, though.

The reason I believe Relapse could have used [Villain] in Bogard is, Relapse wasn't playing serious at all, he was just trolling. He claimed he PMed Bogard and also involved him in the champagne scuffle. It's very possible he also turned Bogard into a jester, just for lulz
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