[FNZ] Role Madness Round 07: Attack On Titan

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Treading cautiously is surely the best strategy for Town when it comes to D1 lynch. Unless there's a very clear read on a player.

TAC should be investigated and then, in the scenery a clear anti-town result is found, such should be claimed immediately as the new day commences.

Unfortunately there's no guarantee that he is not rolling GF for example, albeit the chance is mathematically low.

There are 3 claims in this game, as the game progresses, some can come handily by forcing very suspicious players to claim in the scenery no wrong doing was found at night.

They must be used sparingly however, because Town might need to claim any result at any time.


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But I didn't play aggressively lol

I have raised sus on something which I find weird and as townie I have to do that.

If your reasons are weird then blame yourself.

Also, I raised sus on you and haven't casted vote. So, are you trying to Imply that I should wait for MR. Tac to give me evidence to raise sus on him?

That's not how it works....

Anyway, to all townies

I have a suggestion. It's day 1 and we don't have much info. Why not investigator and similar roles if exist invest tac and me... this can solve reborn vs tac situation without resorting to any mislynch.

What you all think? please back with reasons
Let's just go over what I've done and use our brains Reborn; It's real simple.

I've tried to help new players out, who I specifically know very well.
I've asserted I would like protection at night.

We can infer from these statements that I intend to be active in scum hunting, whether or not my role is largely beneficial or not. I desire to be someone who is helping to push the dialogue forward. That is not scummy. Zero bits. It's a little suspicious you're clinging onto me as much as you are, like you're looking for a reason. When again, you have 1 piece of information; I want to be an active participant in this game. That neither denotes scumminess or clears my name, but gives you the info that I'll be loud and active when new information comes out.

They are not arbitrary points. You quickly folded under pressure from @Reborn . Why in the world would a townie say protect me on D1?

Then when I found it suspicious you did tried to turn it on me by trying to say finding you suspicious is somehow... suspicious?

It's very scummy. I would expect you to defend why putting a big target on your back by asking for a protect was a good idea for any townie. You didn't.

You won't strongarm me into changing my vote by trying to turn the sus on me for suspecting you.
1. I didn't fold under Reborn. I don't want this day to be muddled with Reborn's B.S. over why I'm helping new players.
2. Asking for defense denotes a handful of key possibilities. Explore every one of them.
2,5. I've also reason to suspect I could be killed early if certain players are scum. I'd rather not die earlier, in any case.
3. Yes. I find your reasons for trying to lynch me very arbitrary and shallow. Hence, I think it's suspicious someone who's played before would go for them.

And I only said I'd lynch you if I had to. I'd rather live to the next Day Phase and if it has to be RNG between us, that's better than me having full chances of dying. Though, moot because you unvoted me.


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I think we shouldn’t lynch him on the first day.
There isn’t that much proof to lynch him.
What about @HA001 and @ShishioIsBack. Are they gonna get mod killed?
Ha001 won't. I think he made 5 posts.

usually, Shishio would get mod block as in he won't be able to use his ability or something. If he continues to remain inactive on D2 then he can get mod killed.

But it depends on host so not sure


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unless he has the shot role in townies
then I dont see how thats possible.
Vote Lynch Ha001
....Unvote immediately. Ha0 is a new player and wouldn't even know making a joke like that is suspicious. He only knows that we need to kill the opposing team. Why are you treating someone who's first go at Mafia like they're some maestro at this shit.
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