[FNZ] Super Role Madness Round 12: Death Note

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I am really glad of the amount of activity and passion you guys had put in to play this game so thank you everyone for that. In the beginning, I was disappointed that the Light Yagami was lynched. Despite this though, I must give props where it's due. Town made the fairly right call with TAC, figuring him out and lynching him in the process. I feel like it was one of the strongest town game in teams general agreement and consensus reads. If you ask me to decide a town MVP, I would struggle to do so.

Kiwi and Nat would be credited for the win, as they should, but their play was conventional as it could be, and thanks to the setting where they had decided to float to the surface, they were almost handed over victory on a silver plate by having previous town cred and ability confirmation by Drago, Lanji taking out the big shots in the game although Kiwi doing the fake write-ups something I would like to give her credit for, the write up was convincing and it worked in her favor. It was a brilliant move by her. Kiwi followed up with her upgrade in her Mello role as I expected players to do. It was interesting to see how you handled your recruit ability. When you had become 3rd party in the game and I posted the write up I was a bit afraid people will catch the hint of Mello splitting off into his own faction. I was happy to see nothing changed in your part and hardly anyone really recalled the Mello part.

Zara gameplay was fun to dissect... it was a good performance. First, he managed to convince Trismegistus(Near) the last flagbearer of the town, he manages to do this without really putting himself into the suspicious zone. Everyone seemed to follow on by trusting him. I'd be remiss, of course, his "Watari" claim was a mistake, although the way he spoke and demeanor he put on, it made him sound very dependent. While it's a very effective way to give someone the illusion that they're reliable. Yet it was risky to go on with a claim like that, not just in the long term, but in the short term as well. You'd have run the risk to make Trismegistrus claim that you were lying after watari would have died, potentially outing Near, but the way you came across was like you were trying to verify if you could pull some risky play. Obviously, I don't need to go into how it really worked in your favor since you were able to hide the Near identity for sometime when the player was almost suspected by everyone. Also, it was a good move to use the bug on yourself. All in all, you did a good job. I hope this can give you some more confidence moving forward - you seem to be experimenting with some of those crazy moves. Not much more for me to say here. Well played.

TAC started the game very well, almost too well actually if that's a thing, but he really took it for granted when other players started to defend him and suspect Gambit like he was believing there is no way he would get lynched with the settings he was in. It was a bit of a shame to see Light Yagami go out so early, and the end of DP3 would have been epic with Misa becoming the member of the team Kira, then memory loss ability getting unlocked. I didn't want my favorite role to go out this early but oh well(lol). Try to take the positives from this game, rather than how it ended up. If nothing else, though, it made for some excitement Day 1. And to be honest, I think you have just learned another way to improve your wolf gameplay from day phase one mistake.

To be honest, whether someone had wrong reads or right, I felt like most players(if not everyone) was able to leave an impression in the game thread. I have more interest in people who surprise me. As for people who aren't surprising or leaving some kind of impression, unless they have interesting features of activity, gameplay, being witty, or whatever that makes them stand out, I would struggle to remember their names.

Fujishiro analyse on players was fun to read, and they actually had merit, not like stating them for the sake of stating them. But I find all too often you tend to make these gambits without enough care for how to sell them(I could be wrong though). Some of your theories were a bit off the deep end, but this was kind of one of those setups that make players to do such thinking. In this case, it was fine as you had correctly identified Nat and decide to kill her during the Night Phase which not only made town aware of the second bad faction being in the game but they become more cautious.

Yo Tan Wa obviously, claiming L was a huge risk, and it didn't pay off. Of course with your L sock puppet, you wanted to sell your case and lynch Kiwi, it was probably the reason you used Sock Puppet to make your case on Kiwi. Aside from the fact, some players were able to recognize the true identity of you being L, you never needed to state your case on Kiwi, you never needed deductive reasoning to other players to understand your case and convince them into lynch the person in question. I'm sure with your Sock Puppet alone you had the most town credit one can actually hope to have, you were trusted by every town member if anything stating your reads with L was the reason your case didn't stand out, all you really needed to do to make a confident post with your L account that "Kiwi is 100% scum and lynch her" with sugar-coating your words a little bit and then hasta la vista to Kiwi. There is no way with Lynchpin in every town player role they wouldn't have lynched her. But as Player without sock puppet sometimes you might want to sugar-coat your figure of speech to make your reason sound more believable than it actually is, especially when you have more reasons to form your conclusion that you're not willing to reveal, like your role.

Also, L was beaten by such a simple move like "I think I know who is L" which made you think everyone knows your role. I was struggling to believe everyone had deduced the right person, it's like saying your gameplay was very easy to identify. It wasn't entirely your fault though... The town should have predicted that prematurely trying to guess L identity when knowing he's one of the flagbearers was a stupid move if they have figured this out they should have kept it to themselves not go around saying they have figured it out who L really is with the ending result being L claiming which he shouldn't have but pretty much town lead him into doing this.

The best advice I can give for scum hunting is to ask questions. Question everything you can, if you see something that feels suspicious then mention it, and try to make yourself as open a book as possible. Some townie qualities include posting a lot, trying to figure out the game, being spontaneous and more fluid with their opinion, Scum qualities tend to be the opposite, they only appearing to figure things out, only commenting on things that are being discussed by other players, coming up with forced reasons to suspect a player, and generally not doing things too risky unless they know they have good chance putting this player into a lynching. These qualities and tells also vary with experience levels. The above applies to low to intermediate level players but higher levels are self-aware and can be harder to get a grasp on. The #1 question to discern a person's alignment is: "What's their motive for their posts?" Read their posts, try to see where they're coming from, everything I mentioned above stems from there. Eventually, when you roll scum, you're going to want to start dialing back a bit to make it easier for you to mirror your play, but you don't need to worry about that now. Although if you pull bad stunts and it's obvious enough you're manipulating logic to favor your argument, it would back-lash. Manipulation for a town is a huge risk in any case, anyways.

Although being persuasive isn't be my main worry, I am more worried about making sure I am right before convincing the players. There aren't many times where you're perfectly sure of something in the mafia, and even then, crying out loud for others to trust you, tends to do its job, mostly.

Lanji easily has the best performance out of the mafia team. The constant jumping between votes a lot was a little bit iffy a lot. Out of all the scums Lanji had challenged his status quo multiple times which only favored him in the long wrong, eventually coming very close to winning the game. I also think if Mafia team was more engaging in-game thread they had a fairly good chance to win the game without as much as struggle Lanji alone had to do. Overall, you played a major role in leading the game into something more hilarious and fun to read.

--- I have to say now. I'm pretty tired typing all this out, and I doubt many if anyone will read it all. To end, I'd like to thank you all for playing my game -And I will like to host and play more games with you guys in the future, 'cause it was fun while it lasted. I hope I haven't come across harsh - I think everyone can overall be proud of their gameplay. Although feel free to ask any question regarding gameplay and I will try to answer them with the best of my ability.
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