[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 10 - Antagonists Vs Protagonists

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@Finalbeta was lynched by majority , but they managed survive...


Also Koro sensei wants to announce something...
@Hayumi has been modkilled (They wanted to subbed out but I couldn't found any)

Their Role was :

Hello ,
You are Tatsumi also known as a Player and member of Town.

Win Condition : Eliminate all threats to town

With this Day Ended , Night 4 Starts now, submit your actions earliest as possible so I can start paise early...
Players :
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At start of the Night 4 ,
A Grim tricked someone and show them wrong path.
A young man tried to set someone on fire but failed.
Someone was showing off their weapon.
Dependable wanted to heal someone but they failed in experiment and died on the spot.
A young man was seen writing something with unstoppable speed
Suddenly Monster appeared and punched their apponent .
A Young man was seen reading some important documents.
Prankster used their iconic technique to beat their opponent, but they tanked it.
Smartest was seen creating shield to absorb attacks.
The strongest used their newly learned technique and summoned creature to attack someone.
A Friend used their full strength to kick their opponent , took their life.
Skilled summoned lightning bolt to attack their opponent but they faced strong retaliation and got injured in the process.
Survivor wear a demonic armor and slay someone but they were too strong.

Night 4 Ended with death of @T-Pein™ his role was
Edward Elric

You are Edward Elric , also known as Dependable and the member of Town.

Win Con : Eliminate all threats to town

Second warrior who fall in this battle was @Midnight Delight his role was

Hello ,
You are Saitama also known as The Monster and member of Town .

If the heroes run and hide, who will stay and fight?

Win Con : Eliminate all threats to Town.


Cycle 5 : Battleground :
"On that day, a dying sun rose above the multitude of nations. As written in the Book of Revelations, when the sun has died five times, a red lake will emerge to the west of a city with a name both new and old. It will be a sign that the fifth angel has descended upon this world. The angel is the Falcon of Darkness. He is the master of the sinful black sheep and the king of the blind white sheep. He will usher in an age of darkness to cover the world.".

All players are marked with "The Brand Of Sacrifice"

@Ekkologix @Cray Cray @Lindltaylor @Finalbeta @Fruitji @Marimo_420 @anon @Dr_Professor83 @TheAncientCenturion @SanjiIsStrongerThanZolo @Destroya @T-Pein™ @Ryu Kishi @Midnight Delight @Light D Lamperouge @Flower

Day 5 starts , you have 24 hrs for brainstorming..
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