[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

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There's no "Tina!"
One question I have for the hosts actually, @Lindltaylor @Flower - what was the thought process behind making Jean and Eula a scum team with Scaramouche and Dottore? I was trying to figure out the flavour angle for that, and couldn't get anywhere with it. The best I could come up with was an alternate version of events wherein Jean sides with the Fatui for the sake of preserving Monstadt, I guess where she would embody the Lion Knight rather than the Dandelion Knight here, and Eula would essentially become Jean's right-hand (wo)man in this version, presumably due to having common ground with Jean's vision for Monstadt. In this version, Jean would have lost the idea of "freedom" that Monstadt is said to embody. That would make her the mostly core-member of the Mafia team.

That was the best I got, anyway. Probably way off, but it was really interesting trying to figure out what the thought process was behind that.
It was going to be the Fatui members only, however, flavor wise, we didn't want to make that too obvious. So we added Jean and Eula to add a little twist to it. Nothing that was deeply flavor based or anything.
Have you seen Master Jean lately?
No, something the matter?
It‘s strange, but I feel like something is up with her. I saw her talking to some Fatui Agents at very shady places.
Yes, but don‘t tell anyone.

@Flower @Lindltaylor this is not cryptic
this is telling people that

1. jean is with the fatui
2. jean got culted by fatui
3. jean is somehow helping the fatui, in a shady place

given that we have 4 mafia members out of 25 players, this ability is a game changer for the team because no matter what, rej will be tinfoiled the entire game

and so happens this game his death also lead to LM death sadly, but thats not on the hosts ofc
Yes, my mistake was that tracker claim tying me to Rej. When she was revealed as scum it was obvious I am too.
Anyway, Andrius had the hardest wincon because he had no defenses himself, and literally couldn‘t even really kill anyone. Aether was bulletproof, so a regular kill wouldn‘t have even worked, there was a chance Diluc was commuted every other night, Venti would have become death immune at some point and one of the only 2 delusion users was also bulletproof.
Who were the delusion users? I have not been following the thread fully.


The End and the Beginning
Who were the delusion users? I have not been following the thread fully.
Any member of the Fatui Harbingers is a delusion user, because delusions are the gifts given to the Harbingers by their leader. Delusions are essentially, I guess apocryphal versions of visions that allow the user to wield an element like a vision would. Because Harbingers can, apparently, also use Visions, this lets them command the power of two elements at once, which was hereto unbeknowst to everyone else, who can only use one vision.


There's no "Tina!"
Town roles part 1:

You are Bennett

[Passive - Adventurers Guild] Bennett loves adventures and learning new things to help his friends. As such, he has a 10% chance of learning one active ability of a killed Townie after each day phase as a 1-shot.

[Passive - Misfortune] Bennett is known for his unfortunate luck. This misfortune extends to even members of his own group. As such, he has a vote power of -2. Meaning that every time he votes on a wagon, the number of votes on the wagon are reduced by 2. (Note: You cannot hint/reveal this passive)

[Active - Supporting Flames] You are a very supportive person. As such you may destroy the first negative action aimed at your target each night.

[Active - Benny's Adventure Group] Once a cycle, you may invite a player to join the benny's adventure group. If they accept, you may gift them any one of the following:
- A 1-shot vig [2-shot]
- A 1-shot iron [1-shot]
- make their next attack unstoppable.

[Elemental Skill: Pyro] You can burn the first vote cast on you. However, if they unvote, the shot is still used up. [2-shot]

Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Diluc

[Passive - Dark Night Hero] You are very concerned about the well-being of the people living in Mondstadt, but you‘re not willing to tolerate the incompetence of the Knights of Favonius.
As such, you are wanted by both friend and foe alike and investigate [Guilty] on alignment checks.

[Passive - The Strongest] As the strongest among the Knights of Favonius, you're immune to role crushes and most debuffs such as poisoning, vote draining, and ability destructions.

[Active - Phoenix Flame Sword] Unleash your flames and strike down your target at night, killing them. If you kill an [Innocent] player, you will lower your guard out of shock, enabling the Knights of Favonius to capture you and jail you the following night, commuting you that phase.
----[Phoenix - Harbringer of Dawn] You can upgrade your kill to a Super kill, bypassing manipulative, protective and preventive actions. [2-shot]

[Active - Elemental Skill: Pyro] You can burn the first vote cast on you. However, if they unvote, the shot is still used up. [2-shot]

Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Diona

[Passive - Bar Rumours] Being a popular bartender has its perks. So many visitors come to taste your drinks and this also lets you hear juicy gossip. Starting Day 2, you will be told of some unknown information that the write ups does not reveal.

[Active - The best drink] Your specialty. Create a special beverage each day and target a player. You will role block their next action.

[Active - Best Bartender] As the best bartender in Mondstadt, you can make any of the following drinks and target players at night with it:
- Drunkards Farce - You redirect them to a another target.
- Cat's Tail - Heal a player of any ailments or protect them.

[Active - Drink of Death] You can poison a player of your choice. They will die in 2 cycles unless healed. [1-shot]

[Elemental Skill: Cryo] You may role block the first visitor to you each night [2-shot]

Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Fischl

[Passive - Chunibyo] You are the best example of a person having Chunibyo. As such you have to refer to yourself in the 3rd person in each post you make and have to call one random player each day your servant.

[Active - Familiar] Summon your servant raven. He will distract a player at night, roleblocking them.
---[Transformation] Transform into a raven at night, dodging all actions on you. Can't be used alongside [Familiar] (1-shot).

[Active - Keen Insticnts] Fischl is known for having a very good intuition. She can investigate a player at night and figure out their flavor.

[Elemental Skill: Electro] You can activate this to enhance your role block to a role crush [2-shot]

Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Ganyu

[Passive - Graceful and Calm] Ganyu is noted for her quiet and gentle disposition and as such should always be polite and calm in the thread. Failure to do so will lead to her ability being depowered at night. Another offense will lead to being mod blocked.

[Active - Hard Worker] Ganyu is known for her work ethic, always completing her tasks and even working overtime in the process. She can role crush a player for the night.
----[Depowered Ability] If Ganyu loses her composure in the thread, her role crush becomes a role block.

[Active - Friendly Qilin] Ganyu has a good relationship with her juniors and is always willing to help them out with their problems. She can track a player each night to see who they visit.

[Elemental Skill: Cryo] You may block the first visitor to you each night. [2-shot]

Eliminate all threats to Town


There's no "Tina!"
Town roles part 2:

You are Kaeya

[Passive - Untruthful] Kaeya is a notorious liar and often uses it to manipulate his targets for his own gains and rarely cares about the methods as much as the result. As such he investigates [Guilty]

[Active - Never Ending Performance] Each night, you may activate one of these 2 abilities:
---[Active - Sadist Watcher] Kaeya is drawn to negative emotions and seeks pleasure in seeing the hesitation in his allies and enemies' eyes. Each night, he can watch a player and see who visits them.
---[Active - Trusted Aid] Kaeya is a strategic thinker known for being able to solve intractable problems. Each night, he may target a player and learn who they visit.

[Active - Value Conflict] Kaeya enjoys putting people into high-stress situations and challenging their values. He may bus drive 2 targets of his choice.

[Elemental Skill: Cryo] You may role block the first visitor to you each night. [2-shot]

Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Lisa

[Passive - Knowledge paranoia] Lisa is blessed with visions, but was paranoid of her visions as she did not know the truth about them. She will receive a random piece of
information each night from any dead town role - i.e any result they had before death.

[Active - Lightening Touch] Lisa is a proficient mage regarded as the Academia's best graduate in 200 years. Her electro magic can be used to stun and role block a player for the night.
----[Lightening Rose] Lisa isn't above dishing out appropriate punishment when angered. She can activate this to role block all her visitors for the cycle. [1-shot]

[Conditional Active [Locked] - Raiju of Mondstadt] If the [redacted] ends up dead, you gain vig powers and can execute players with electricity delivering a kill shot.

[Elemental Skill: Electro] You can upgrade your block to role crush a player at night. [2-shot]

[Hidden] If Diluc is removed from the game, Lisa unlocks [Raiju of Mondstadt].

Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Mona

[Active - Astrology] You are very famous and highly skilled in the field of astrology. Each night you can ask the stars to learn if any player targeted another player.

[Active - Bait] You are also a skilled water user. As such you can create a target at night, redirecting all actions onto it and turning the night into an actionless phase. X-shots used that night won't be used up (1-shot).

[Elemental Skill: Hydro] You can debuff the action of your target at night. [2-shot]

[Hidden] If Albedo is removed from the game, Mona's [Astrology] will become a forensic ability.

Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Ninnguang

[Passive - Woman of Fortune] The jade chamber and your immense fortune have earned you an almost legendary status among the people of Tevyat. You represent fortune and wit, and therefore will dodge the first negative action targeting you each night.

[Active - Peacekeepe] Ningguang is a keen business woman with a massive network at her finger tips. Being devoted to the safety of Liyue, she can jail a player of her choice at night role blocking and protecting the player.

[Active - Massive intelligence network] Your fortune and intelligence network give you an edge to be one-step ahead of your competition. You can lie detect a player of your choice. You will receive the result at the end of the following night. [1-shot]
(Note: You cannot refill this lie detect. Use it wisely :yoda:)

[Elemental Skill: Geo] As a Geo user, you can activate this skill during the day and gain a vote power of 2 [2-shot]

[Hidden] Ningguang and Beidou never get along and disagree with matters concerning the law, as such Ningguang's abilities fail on Beidou and Beidou's abilities fail on Ningguang.

Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Venti

[Active - Bard of Mondstadt] He is renowed for his musical talent and loved by the people.
He can target a player and motivate them, enabling them to perform an additional action.

[Conditional Active - Member of the Seven] Though many people of Mondstadt only know Venti as a playful bard, his true persona is that of Barbatos. However, the power of the seven is decided by the control they have over their respective nation. Each night, you may visit a dead player and take their elemental power. Once you have obtained 3 different elemental powers, you may craft an ability you want under the host supervision.

[Locked - Barbatos] Once you have obtained at least one of each of the 6 elemental powers...[secrets] --- You become death immune for a cycle and can be publicly revealed in the thread as Venti when the player wishes. You will gain a permanent vote power of 2.

[Elemental Skill: Anemo] You can dodge the first kill aimed at you. [2-shot]

Eliminate all threats to Town


There's no "Tina!"
Town roles part 3:

You are Xiangling

[Active - Harvest] You are a master chef and always looking for new ingredients. Each day you can target an ability of a dead player and gain one ingredient from them based on their ability.

[Active - Cooking] Use the ingredient you harvested using [Harvest] to cook a dish for a player, giving them a 1-shot of the harvested ability. You can also cook yourself a dish.

[Elemental Skill: Pyro] You can burn the first vote cast on you. However, if they unvote, the shot is still used up. [2-shot]

Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Zhongli

[Passive - Mysterious Consultant] No one knows where Zhongli is from, therefor he is invisible. i.e immune to investigative abilities.

[Active - God of Contracts] You are known for keeping your word no matter what.
As such, you will form a contract with a player you tagged 5 times each day. If you decide to protect that player with your [Shield] you will also gain a Neighbour chat with them for the next cycle. If you get killed while this chat is active, you can pass on your [Shield] ability to your contract partner.

[Active - Shield] Your special ability. Create a shield around your target, commuting them for the night.

[Elemental Skill: Geo] As a Geo user, you can activate this skill during the day and gain a vote power of 2 [2-shot]

Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Albedo

[Passive - Kreideprinz] Genius, Captain of the investigation team, Albedo is known by many titles and is also the chief alchemist of the Knights of Favonius. As such, you are lynch immune.

[Passive - Homunculus] Your past is a subject of great mystery to many, with many rumors that you may even be a homunculus created by your master. Some even consider you dangerous because of the ancient knowledge you possess. As such, you are invisible - i.e immune to all investigative effects. You cannot claim in the thread no matter what. (Note: You cannot hint or claim at this passive or your role)

[Active - Thirst for more Knowledge] Albedo has an infinite desire to learn more about the world of Tevyat. As such, he can examine a write up to determine if it has been tampered with. [1-shot]

[Active - Investigator] You may investigate a target and figure out their alignment each night.

[Elemental Skill: Geo] As a Geo user, you can activate this skill during the day and gain a vote power of 2 [2-shot]

Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Chongyun

[Passive - Excessive Positive Energy] Chongyun was born with excessive positive energy which always scared evil spirits away from him. He is immune to manipulative abilities.

[Passive - Warmth Susceptibility] Chongyun gets manic when he goes to fiery events, eats warm food, drinks, or even during walks in sunlight. As such, you may only place your vote on a player that already has a vote. If they were voted and then unvoted and have 0 votes on them,
you cannot vote the player. (Note: You cannot claim or hint this passive in any way)

[Active - The Greatest Exorcist] Chongyun is well trained in the arts of exocism and can thus protect a player each night from destructive abilities.

[Elemental Skill: Cryo] You may role block the first visitor to you each night. [2-shot]

Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Beidou

[Passive - Indomitable] Stories of her strength are known far and wide, with even Xiao claiming that her feat of killing a kraken without a vision was remarkable. As such, she is immune to role crushes and role blocks.

[Passive - Captain of the Crux] As the captain of The Crux fleet, her vote counts for 2.

[Active - Immense Strength] Beidou is known for her immense strength that can split mountains and part the sea. You can protect your target each night. If the target is attacked, you will kill the attacker. (Note: Fails on certain abilities)

[Elemental Skill: Electro] You can role block a target for the night. [2-shot]

[Hidden] Ningguang and Beidou never get along and disagree with matters concerning the law, as such Beidou's abilities fail on Ningguang and Ningguang's abilities fail on Beidou.

Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Kamisato Ayaka

[Passive - The Noble Heir] Virtuous, elegant, wise, and strong. No one who has ever met Ayaka would deny that she possessed these traits. As such, she can never be framed and will always appear innocent.

[Active - Senho] Ayaka can visit a player and receive a list of abilities that targeted the player that night.

[Active - Dance of Suigetsu] Always eager to help anyone out, Ayaka can refill any x-shot abilities that have been expended by the target.

[Elemental Skill: Cryo] You can role block your first visitor at night. [2-shot]

Eliminate all threats to Town
You are Aether

[Passive - No Vision] You don't have a Vision, but you can use every element. As such everytime a Vision User dies, you can gain their elemental powers as a 1-shot to use.

[Passive - Traveler] You have helped others greatly on your journey. As such you've become a trained fighter. You are bulletproof and immune against rolecrushes.

[Active - Honorary Knight] You are a legend. As such, your word has meaning. Each night you can talk people out of hurting each other. You can roleblock your target.​

Eliminate all threats to town


[Passive - Companion] You are very close friends with the Traveler. As such you will create a chat with him at the start of D1.

[Active - Great Advice] You can give people advice on how to handle things. As such you can send a message to a player every day. They can reply back.

Eliminate all threats to town


There's no "Tina!"
Mafia roles:

You are Scaramouche

[Passive - Looking down on you] You are a very haughty and arrogant person, looking down on friends and foes alike. As such, the first action fails on you each night and you are [Bulletproof]

[Passive - Vagrant from Inazuma] Scaramouche is two-faced. Often displaying a friendly manner to make his enemies lower their guard. As such, you investigate [Innocent] on alignment checks and have a vote power of 3.

[Active - Sneak attack] Your arrogance doesn't come from nothing. You are strong.
As such, you can activate this ability to have the faction kill bypass protections and commutes. However, roleblocks can still stop the kill.

[Active - Ultimate Authority] You love ordering people around. As such you can forward the names of 3 players each day phase. The players have to use their abilities on each other the following night phase in order to prevent being vote silenced the next day.
----[Unreconciled Stars] You can stop the lynch of a player. [1-shot]

[Active - Harbringer] As a naturally cunning individual, Scaramouche has the brains and the power to back his plans up. He can choose a target during the day, and can control their entire role for a cycle.

[Elemental power - ???] As Scaramouche's elemental power is unknown, he may activate any elemental power he wants at night. [2-shot]

You are Jean

[Passive - Grand Master] As the acting grand master of the Knights of Favonius, Jean will be revealed as an innocent child at any time the player wishes. After her reveal, her vote will increase to a power of 2.

[Passive - Dutiful] Jean is known for being dutiful and disciplined in her work ethic. As such, her actions cannot be role blocked.

[Passive - Captain of the Knights] Jean, being the acting captain of the Knights of Favonius, is immune to the abilities of the other Knights of Favonius.

[Active - Dandelion Protection] Jean can summon a powerful gust of wind to protect her party from attacks. She can protect a teammate each night from preventative and destructive abilities. You can also heal any ailments.

[Active - Gale Blade] Jean can wrap wind around her blade and role crush a player for a cycle.

[Elemental Active: Anemo] Jean can activate this at anytime during the day or night and will be immune to the first kill attempt on her. [2-shot] (Note: Super kills bypass this)

You are Eula

[Passive - Vengeance will be mine!] Your ultimate attack. You will memorize the names of every player who targeted you with a negative action. The next time they visit you they will be blocked.

[Passive - Nobel of the Lawrence clam] Eula is an aristocratic descendant of the infamous Lawrence clan. As a result, she is immune to role crushes and most debuffs such as poisoning, vote draining, and ability destructions.

[Active - Wellspring of War] If Eula performs the faction kill, she can upgrade the kill she performs to a super kill [2-shot]
---[War Lust] Eula can perform an additional kill alongside a faction kill. [1-shot]

[Active - Freeze to the core!] Use your Cryo powers to freeze a random ability of your target each night, rendering it useless for a cycle.

[Active - Unique sense of humor] Despite Eula's familial background, her friends say that she has a unique sense of humor. You can post restrict a player of your choice. Breaking it the first time, will have them be issued a warning. A second time will see their next
action role blocked. A third time will kill them.

[Elemental activation - Cryo] Eula can activate this and block her target and any visitor to her target the following night. [2-shot]

You are Dottore

[Passive - Ruthless Nature] Dottore has little regard for human life, as such any faction kill performed by him is janitored.

[Active - Ruin Guard] Dottore has a Ruin Guard research lab where he experiments on his subordinates and humans. Every night he may send a Ruin Guard to a target and investigate them. He will find out their entire role.

[Active - Ruin Guard 2] He may send a ruin guard to a target to role block them for the phase.

[Active - Ruin Guard 3] Dottore may send a Ruin Guard to two targets to bus drive them.

[Active - Ruin Guard 4] He may frame a player of his choice, making them appear [Guilty] and/or changing their flavor name on flavor checks.

[Active - An Avid Tinkerer] Dottore loves tinkering with old items, bodies or ruins. It's..... a personal passion. He can alter the role of a player that is going to die, be it his own faction or not, and change what appears in the write up. [1-shot]

Eliminate all threats to mafia


There's no "Tina!"
Indie/SK roles:

You are Andrius

[Passive - Spirit Body] Your true form is a mystery to most and you've already let your physical body die. As a result, if you are killed, your killer will take over your role and complete your wincon. You will both share a chat together in which you can talk outside the game thread after your death. This will repeat only up to 3 deaths. This passive will be [redacted] after each death until your final death.
--- Note: If you are lynched or killed by scum, your role will go to a random townie.

[Active - Icy Storm] You can use Cryo powers. As such, you can freeze your target each day, killing them after 1 cycle unless healed [1-shot]

[Active - Wolvendom] Each night, you can take a single ability from any dead role. However, after each death, you lose the abilities you have harvested and start again. (Note: This fails on certain abilities)

Eliminate Venti, Diluc, Aether and 1 delusion user
You are Xiao

[Passive - Adeptus] : Hailed as the "Vigilant Yaksha" and appreciated by the humans and adepti of Liyue, Xiao investigates [Innocent] on alignment checks.

[Passive - Conqueror of Demons] : Known for his endless slaughter against the monsters for millennia and numerous other exploits, Xiao is [Bulletproof]

[Conditional Passive - immortality] - After Day 5, you become [Super Bulletproof] and starting Day 6, you can only be lynched by a majority vote. You will also regain the "Bane of Evil" mask, if you had lost it, and [Gravity Defier] will no longer have a limit.
(Note: You will not regain [Heaven's Fall] if it had been used up. It will stay a [1-shot] if you still haven't used it)

[Active - Whirlwind Thrust] : A plunging attack capable of dealing damage to multiple demons, Xiao can role crush a player of his choice.

[Active - Lemniscatic Wind] : Using his Anemo powers, Xiao is capable of killing a target of his choice every night.

[Conditional Active - Bane of Evil] : After Day 3, Xiao can wear his battle mask which has withstood the test of time through his numerous battles, and will unlock the following powers:
- [Conqueror of Evil] : He can use this along with [Whirlwind Thrust] or [Lemniscatic Wind] to upgrade the attack to be a strongman version of it. Bypassing role blocks, redirects and any manipulative abilities.

- [Gravity Defier] : Xiao can make himself immune to all regular abilities at night and his role crush will be upgraded to a permanent role crush and his kill will be made into a super kill. [2-shot]

- [Heaven Fall] : Xiao can shake the very clouds with his power, once this is activated, he can super kill 3 players of his choice. [1-shot] (Note: Once you use this, you will lose the "Bane of Evil" ability)

Eliminate all the Players


There's no "Tina!"
Cult role:


[Passive - Princess of the Abyss] You are a Princess of the Abyss Order. As such your vote counts for 2, you are bulletproof and immune against rolecrushes.

[Passive - Innocent Looks] You are the Traveler's sister. Nobody would suspect you of doing evil. You investigate innocent.

[Active - Abyss Order] Every day you can attempt to convert a player into the Abyss Order, recruiting them into a Cult. Can't recruit more than 3 players.

[Active - Transfer Leadership] Once in the game you can transfer your powers to another member of your Cult, making them the new leader and inheriting all your abilities except [Innocent Looks].

[Active - Crushing Revelation] Reveal in the thread that you have gone rogue. This will be so devastating for all players that the day ends immediately without a lynch [1-shot].

[Active - "Don't stand in my way!"] Threaten a player at night. Rolecrushing them the next cycle.

[Active - No Vision] You have no Vision. As such you can activate any elemental power you want [2-shot].

Wincon: Abyss Order has majority.
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