[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 13 - Harry Potter

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Im fine with claiming my abilities.
- I can check who visited a dead player the night he died (not who died N1)
Last night I visited Gambit's (still) dead body. And I saw Nick, Rej and dr_professor visited him the night he died
- I can check the veracity of a write up. I can confirm that the dementor's are real. Please refrain from flavour claims and hints.
Misty might have been stating facts boldly here. @Dr_Professor83 @Nick can you confirm?

Btw, I am quite edgy on Sera's killing of Ratchet, even I couldn't see any wolfy notions from him. The guy is one of the best in terms of deep wolfing. And I felt ashamed for believing him to actually running the thread plays. Lolololol.

I mean there's no ground for Sera unless he is of another party.

I calling Bellatrix = Sera.

Looking at these claims, Misty claiming being able to see who visited dead bodies seems hard to fake since she named several people. Though scum having a watcher is possible.

Sallu claims invests and protects and Ruy roleblocks and invests? Those could be either scum abilities or in case of invests easy to fake with scum having TMI.
We already have some invest type roles Ali and Misty . I think we are almost there
Read last few pages and Ryu and Sera do not look good to me especiallly if Sera is not Fletcher as he just said.

Stealing and RB could be abilities posessed by the scum team.

Though Sera was kind of sussing Ratchet, could he want to leave Voldie to someone else?
[???] has activated [Unbreakable Vow] to [???]

[???] Triggered [Unbreakable Vow] and super-kill [???]


The Fallen of Hogwarts Headmasters?

@Yo Tan Wa [Albus Dumbledore] has been super-killed
But remmember how Dumbledore died in the movie.
You are hinting at your character.
Dumbledore died because of Snape, because he had an 'Unbreakable vow' with Draco his mom.
Are you trying to say you killed Dumbledore?

I have a Passive which makes me immune to any negative abilities from any Ex-Azkaban Player

Active Cop ability.
I used this on N1 on Nick. Nick must know why lol.
I used this N3 on Alibaba, because I was still sus of him. He came up Innocent tho. Still don't trust him knowing Draco had the ability to manipulate Invest results, but let's see.

Protect ability. I can protect someone for the night, protecting them against any kills, this included Super kills (X-shot ability).
I used this on N2 on Nick, after Gramma told us all he is HP. I expected Scum to use any kind of killing ability on Nick.
Did you send me a message?
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