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King the Blue Fire
Vote Count:
Fujishiro: Dest > Enryu> Dest > Nat
Ratchet: Juliet > Enryu> Fuji> Unvote > Adam
Natalija: Juliet > Mango > RippedCal> Dest
Dr_Professor: Enryu > Nat
Kvothe: Enryu
Light: Marimo> Dest
Adam: Fuji> Dest> RippedCal> Fuji > Nat
Mango: RippedCal > Marimo > RippedCal
Nick: Fuji> unvote> Dest > Nat
RippedCal: Midnight > Fuji > Unvote

Enryu: Fuji> Nat
Midnight: rippedcal
Yo tan wa: Dest
Marimo: Fuji
Conquistador: Nat

Nat - 6 (Enryu, Dr_Prof, Conq, Nick, Fuji, Adam)
Dest - 3 ( Nat, Yo Tan Wa, Light)
RippedCal - 2 (Mango, midnight)
Fujishiro - 1 (Marimo)
Enryu - 1 (Kvothe)
Adam - 1 (Ratchet)

If there's anything I missed or got wrong, please inform me and quote any posts I missed.

Any vote manipulation or changes will not be shown.
Not open for further replies.