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King the Blue Fire
Vote Count:
Fujishiro: Dest > Enryu> Dest > Nat
Ratchet: Juliet > Enryu> Fuji> Unvote > Adam
Natalija: Juliet > Mango > RippedCal> Dest
Dr_Professor: Enryu > Nat
Kvothe: Enryu
Light: Marimo> Dest
Adam: Fuji> Dest> RippedCal> Fuji > Nat
Mango: RippedCal > Marimo > RippedCal
Nick: Fuji> unvote> Dest > Nat
RippedCal: Midnight > Fuji > Unvote > Fuji > Nat

Enryu: Fuji> Nat
Midnight: rippedcal
Yo tan wa: Dest
Marimo: Fuji
Conquistador: Nat

Nat - 6 (Enryu, Dr_Prof, Conq, Nick, Fuji, Adam, RippedCal)
Dest - 3 ( Nat, Yo Tan Wa, Light)
RippedCal - 2 (Mango, midnight)
Fujishiro - 1 (Marimo)
Enryu - 1 (Kvothe)
Adam - 1 (Ratchet)

If there's anything I missed or got wrong, please inform me and quote any posts I missed.

Any vote manipulation or changes will not be shown.


King the Blue Fire
Any vote manipulation will not be shown in the final product.

@Natalija has been lynched. Her role was Yoruichi Shihōin!

You are Yoruichi Shihōin!

[Passive - Renegade Captain] — Choosing friendship over the Gotei 13, over a century ago Yoruichi rescued Tessai & Urahara Kisuke from the Central 46. As such, you will investigate guilty.

[Active - Feline Form] — For the purposes of snooping around, Yoruichi has a special cat form she is prone to taking. During the night phase, pick a player and find out who they visit.

[Active - Flash Goddess] — When speed is the discussion, there's no one faster than Yoruichi. At the end of the day phase, redirect the lynch onto the player with the second highest number of votes on them. [One—Shot]

[Active - Shunkō Raiju Senkei: Shunryū Kokubyō Senki ] — The ultimate form of the Shunkō technique, Yoruichi sacrifices her mental facilities for greater power. Silence for the day phase and learn their role. You can only communicate through non-text pictures for the rest of the day phase as well. [One—Shot]

Wincon — Defeat all threats to town​


King the Blue Fire
@Dr_Professor83 has been killed. His role was Queen the Plague

You are Queen the Plague!

[Passive - My Kind of FUNK] — Queen is a loud and flamboyant pirate, he wants the world to know exactly what he's about! You must be in the top 6 posters each day in order to have access to your role.

[Passive - Ancient Zoan Toughness] — Ancient Zoan's are among the toughest category of devil fruits. As such, you will be immune to any rolecrushes & roleblocks.

[Active - Brachiosaurus Form] — The advantage of having such a long neck is being able to see far into the horizon. Target a player and find out what actions they performed the previous night.

[Active - Mummy Virus] — The looming threat of the Mummy Virus is ever present. During the night phase, target a player and infect them. They will be rolecrushed for a cycle. If they are not cured after two cycles, they will be killed. [2 Shot]

[Active - Ice Oni Virus] — The deadly masterpiece of the Calamities bio-weaponry deposit, the Ice Oni Virus turns even stalwart friends into ravenous enemies. Target a player who has flavor claimed and control their role for the following phase. You cannot access your own role while controlling another's.

Wincon — Defeat all Enemies of the Mad Scientists Mafia

Day 3 has started! You have 24 hours to discuss and decide on a lynch!

1. @Yo Tan Wa
2. @Dr_Professor83
3. @Natalija Lynched Day 2, Yoruichi Shihonin
4. @ConquistadoR
5. @Adam 🍎
6. @Fujishiro
7. @Light D Lamperouge
8. @Enryu
9. @RippedCal
10. @FlowerKilled Night 1, Rukia Kuchiki
11. @MangoSenpai
12. @Van
13. @LindltaylorKilled Night 1, role ???
14. @Alibaba
15. @Kvothe Kingkiller
16. @Juliet
18. @Midnight Delight
19. @Nick
20. @ZoroSlaysDragonTunaKilled Night 1, Boa Hancock
21. @Ekkologix Lynched Day 1, Sanji Vinsmoke

22. @T-Pein™
23. @Destroya
25. @Marimo_420
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