Self-deprecation: More harm than good?

It is a popular thing to say "lol I suck, I'm stupid and fat xdd I don't matter", even seen as a sign od maturity, but is it really?
Maybe to some extend humbleness is good of course but is this humbleness or just deflection.
For example somebody critices you and instead of reflecting you just say "haha Im just a piece of shit" and go on with it.
The best example is prolly fat comedians who make whole routines pointing out how fat and glutonous they are but never change it, thinking that by aknowleding it, it automatically is "ok".
Yet when someone else makes fun of them they still get offended, showing that it was all an illusion.
Idk, whats your opinion?
You become what you believe you are and psychology complements that notion well.. but the same "truth" heard from someone else is received with negative connotations.. even if it's a joke.. depending on your mood you might take it to heart and ponder over into self-scrutiny / self-criticism .

You should draw a line between what matters and what not when it comes to criticisms externally.. and your internal demeanor ie; the way you treat yourself mentally is extremely crucial becuz if its too naive, shallow and sensitive then its function of dealing with external scrutiny form the environment is nullified and it just adds to your misery, lack of self-esteem, and self-hatred.

In a nutshell work your way toward stationing yourself dead center in the spectrum between delusion of narcissism and extreme submissiveness when it comes to criticism

while trying to achieve that you'l ultimately have to maintain your internal psychology when it comes to criticism.. its ok to be picky if you take the right criticism.. and if you're not then don't let pointless rambling and saltiness of twats around you get to you.

Endurance, Judgement, disciple.. is what a wise mind requires to deal with the BS thrown atcha

There is also the aspect of morality which is a part of Judgement and reasoning like the Fat dood example. You see this blatant hypocrisy.. honestly this a whole different yet connected can of worms.. more to do with how he thinks what's right and wrong.. but yea that's that about that
Self Deprecation is only healthy/alright if you love and are confident in yourself. If you self deprecate but you actually do have low self esteem or don't value yourself it's just going to make things worse.


In moderation with the right timing it can be a good thing. I don’t believe in having a stick up your ass taking life too seriously.

As said above though, if you overdo it your insecurity is just seeping through.