Swordless Zoro vs Jack?

What diff does Jack push swordless Zoro to?

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Zoro's punches being G3 lv? Cinera is proud of you.
He has Snake Man lv attack speed? Sure, base Zoro is as fast as Luffy's fastest form with drawbacks. And swordless Asura Zoro is relativistic+, nearly reaching Kizaru's speed.

Oh, and Jack wins against swordless Zoro.
Lmaoo I was meming on @Cinera 's thread
True but that thread actually has a purpose
your username is an oxymoron!
still a high diff fight .
zoro is not above commanders just yet. End of the arc is when he can beat a guy like jack with anything less than a high diff. even king is high diffing jack. The gap between commanders isnt huge. Those 3 are all close.
Zoro has portrayal of being Oden level post Enma training. That's low top tier imo and not commander level.

Currently Enma Zoro mid diffs Jack for me.