Is jinbe gonna witness greatness soon?

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who gives shit about click bait worthless articles lmfao stop giving them your clicks and attention
Definitely but tbh this content was fact-based
Which is rare in this community
Franky i am a One Piece fan but i think this community is disgusting, the level of agenda is toxic, clearly due a certain fandom we know well

I would literally pay to have people limiting themselves to objective facts
As we have (we know who) some people daring to say that Zoro vs Lucci was "inconclusive"...
I mean... f***
That's just unacceptable

(Same people who say Sanji was MVP, a guy who was eye diffed by Saturn, could at best block one nameless attack from Kizaru and talk big just to be trashed in the very next panel... he didn't achieve ANYTHING, failed to protect Vegapunk and didn't even took 0,1% HP from Saturn or Kizaru... Rooftop Zowo performed >>>>>)