1. The "Tyrant" Kuma

    Funniest One Piece Video

    I’d you haven’t seen this video watch it I’m dying hahahaha
  2. Den_Den_Mushi

    Current Events So the Reaper wasn’t Brook; what now for Zoro?

    Chapter 1040 revealed what most readers of OP knew from the beginning - that the Grim Reaper was not, in fact Brook, and that Zoro was still very much in danger. There was no real reason to believe the Reaper was Brook in the first place, given the panels surrounding that scene focusing on the...
  3. S

    Theory Loved Queen? He s coming back in Vegapunk arc

    While all beast pirates will get captured by marines, queen is the only one that will get away because he can turn invisible and sanji also kicked him away from onigashima The MADS, vegapunk, judge, queen, ceasar clown will reunite in vegapunk arc
  4. S

    Theory The king of North Blue, Sanji's destiny

    Vinsmoke took over north blue by taking down the 4 kings that ruled north blue. But the 4 kings had sons. Kizaru, Ben Beckman, avalo pizzaro are the Sons the kings. Sanji will Have to beat all of them.
  5. Cinera

    Future Events Zoro's Final Opponent is Mihawk

    Introduction Many people seem to believe that it will be someone else. I've heard speculations that Shiryu will kill Mihawk and Zoro will then fight Shiryu instead. Or that Zoro's final opponent will be the Gandhi Gorosei. I always found such speculations very lacking, but recent events have...
  6. Cinera

    Current Events Will Zoro Forge Enma into a Black Blade During the Wano Arc?

    I think the answer is yes. Surpassing Oden by blackening Enma would be much less meaningful and impactful if it happens after Wano. There wouldn't be anyone to properly appreciate the magnitude of the accomplishment. Gyukimaru and Hitetsu are citizens of Wano. Gyukimaru told us that Ryuma...
  7. Cinera

    Break Week No, Zoro is NOT "Done" After Defeating King

    Introduction Many people think that Zoro is done after his defeat of King in 1035. That he has no important role (at least not a combat one) to play for the remainder of the arc. I think the opinion is misguided. Zoro still has two very important plotlines that have yet to receive any sort of...
  8. Adam 🍎

    Current Events Will Zoro and Sanji defeat King and Queen with teamwork or individual strength?

    Place your bets boys and ladies I would personally like teamwork more. I think they can pull off some sick combos together
  9. bennbeckman

    Character Discussion POLL: Does Zoro carry One Piece

    Post. Is Zoro main reason OP is so popular?
  10. Warchief Sanji D Goat

    General & Others Remember when people were saying Monster Trio is not real or Sanji got kicked out of M3?

    Yeah remember that? Good time. Not only Monster Trio is canon, the portrayal of it is immensely shown throughout the series. First it was confirmed by Nami in Thriller Bark. And second was Caribou in Fishman Island. Now, Oda likes to put Luffy, Zoro and Sanji in the same panel A LOT...
  11. Adam 🍎

    Fanclub Wings of the Pirate King Fan Club

    Ladies, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the official Fan Club of the Wings of The Pirate King The only 2 individuals in the story worthy of such title!!! Grandmaster Zoro and Devil's Chef Sanji This is the place where parts of both fandoms can come together and enjoy one of the best duos...
  12. Cinera

    Future Events Does Zoro vs Shiryuu need to be an Extreme Difficulty Fight?

    After Wano, Zoro will most likely be above Oden and comparable to or stronger than the likes of Issho. Between the end of Wano and his fight with Shiryuu (likely on Raftel), there's at least Elbaf and Lodestar. Zoro may yet become stronger. It's not implausible to imagine that by the time the...
  13. Cinera

    Future Events Long Live ZKK

    Disclaimer This is something I wrote just after Chapter 1012 for some folks on the Zoro Discord Server. It's a bit dated. I never really planned on posting it here after returning from my hiatus, but @Roronoa-sama requested it, so here you go. As usual, I tag a lot of people for my posts. If...
  14. E

    General & Others What if Sanji was in the roof top instead of Zoro?

    imo everyone would be dead by now, sanji wouldn't have been able to protect luffy and the other supernovas like zoro did, also he can't hurt big mom
  15. Cinera

    Current Events Zoro and the Rocks Duo

    An experiment this time. A picture is supposedly worth a thousand words, so let me try speaking in pictures. Hiryuu Kaen Kaido's Reaction to Hiryuu KaenMama's Reaction to Hiryuu Kaen Kokujo Ou Tatsumaki Kaido's Reaction to Kokujo Ou TatsumakiMama's Reaction to Kokujo Ou Tatsumaki Hakai...
  16. Cinera

    Current Events [MYTH] Luffy Did not Need Zoro to Save Him From Boro Breath Because He Could Tank it Just Fine

    Acknowledgements This originated as a response to @OPKnK. Disclaimer I tag a lot of people for my posts. If you want to be removed from my tag lists, let me know. Likewise, if you want to be added. Introduction There seems to be a pervasive belief that Zoro intervening to rescue Luffy from...
  17. Cinera

    Current Events Zoro and Luffy are Built Different

    Acknowledgements This is an expansion of a reply to @Gyro1987 in another thread. Disclaimer I tag a lot of people for my posts. If you want to be removed from my tag lists, let me know. Likewise, if you want to be added. Introduction Zoro and Luffy have been the only Supernova that have been...
  18. Cinera

    Current Events Has Zoro Been Nerfed All Along?

    Disclaimer I tag a lot of people from my posts. If you want to be removed from my tag lists, let me know. Likewise if you want to be added. Introduction Zoro has been exceptionally devoted to his role as Luffy's bodyguard during the Rooftop fight. Protecting Luffy has been Zoro's priority, and...
  19. Cinera

    Character Discussion Why do People Think Zoro is Stupid?

    Acknowledgements @spawn and @Rivaille have my gratitude for informing me of some of the events on which I based my arguments. This essay would not be possible without their enthusiastic support. Disclaimer I tag a lot of people for my posts. If you want to be removed from my tag lists, let me...