Future Events Does Zoro vs Shiryuu need to be an Extreme Difficulty Fight?

How does Zoro vs Shiryuu play out?

  • Zoro never fights him

  • He defeats Zoro

  • He gives Zoro an extreme difficulty fight (Zoro vs Daz Bones)

  • He gives Zoro a very high difficulty fight (Zoro vs Kaku)

  • He gives Zoro a high difficulty fight (Zoro vs Ryuma)

  • He gives Zoro a medium difficulty fight (Zoro vs Pica)

  • He gives Zoro a low difficulty fight (Zoro vs Captain T-Bone)

  • He gives Zoro a no difficulty fight (Zoro vs Hyouzous)

  • He gets the Monet Treatment

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After Wano, Zoro will most likely be above Oden and comparable to or stronger than the likes of Issho.

Between the end of Wano and his fight with Shiryuu (likely on Raftel), there's at least Elbaf and Lodestar. Zoro may yet become stronger.

It's not implausible to imagine that by the time the Strawhats make it to Raftel, Zoro is a swordsman on par with Shanks. This makes narrative sense as Mihawk is awaiting the swordsman that surpasses Shanks to come and challenge him:

So Zoro will likely be above Shanks when he eventually faces Mihawk. We don't know exactly when that will be, but Vs. Shiryuu will be one of Zoro's later fights, so he should already be close to the level he's at when he faces Mihawk.

Shiryuu is formidable, but it's hard to imagine that he would be a match for Shanks (and by extension Raftel Zoro). It's hard to imagine that Shiryuu can give Zoro an extreme difficulty fight.

Perhaps an extreme difficulty fight is not necessary. After all, Zoro has been much stronger than all the opponents he defeated post timeskip:
  • He negged the Pacifista.
  • He no diffed Hody Jones.
  • He no diffed Hyouzou.
  • He negged Monet.
  • He mid diffed Pica.
  • He beat Hawkins around medium difficulty.
  • Killer was oneshot once he could improvise a 3rd sword.
  • Apoo was oneshot once he became serious.
The only time he was pushed to his limits was against two Emperors.

It's not implausible to imagine that Zoro will not face any extreme difficulty 1 vs 1 fight again until he faces Mihawk. However some people are not satisfied with the idea of Zoro's match against the Blackbeard Pirates being "easy".

An idea I've been flirting with is that Zoro is indeed much stronger than Shiryuu when they fight, but that the invincibility granted by Shiryuu's Devil Fruit proves difficult for Zoro to deal with and prevents him from properly applying that strength. Once Zoro figures out Shiryuu's DF (perhaps boosting his COO), he quickly defeats him (a la Zoro vs Daz Bones).

This would allow Shiryuu to provide Zoro with an appropriately difficult fight without otherwise being a match for him in power.

There's always the option that I'm overrating Zoro, but I don't currently think that's likely. King giving a recovered Zoro a difficult fight is the near term event that's most likely to make me reconsider my evaluation of Zoro's combat ability.



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It might be extreme diff fight because Shiryu's chances of injuring Zoro are better than anyone else's.
This is the fight where Zoro will probably take the most damage in the NW, clean hits from a swordsman.
All the strength is useless if you cant detect the enemy and Oda certainly wont allow Zoro to detect him too soon.
shiruy sword is same as oden & it said it seeking blood or somthing it all also had red aura if remember correctly

But i think when it comes to battle zoros feats will stronger than shiryui, thats why oda gave him invicible DevilFruit + Badass Sword same as enma so it would be A counter for zoro

Who ever fight with zoro, shyrui wont last enemy, last enemy will be mihawk

Imo its mid-High diff
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It depends of what Oda wants to convey during the fight.

-If Oda wants to show that Zoro CoOโ€™s is top notch and that invisibility does not work on him. Itโ€™s gonna be a mid diff or less.

-If Oda wants to portray that invisibility is a bitch for CoO users and that you need a special kind of CoO ability to pass invisibility, the fight could be an extrem-diff one.

I do not think that Shiliew can push Zoro to extrem-diff without tricks.
Your post is filled with BS , but totally expected from a Zolo fanboy

regardless Zolo is defeating Mihawk before Shilliew most likely, and in the same time Luffy fight Shanks

Shilliew like all BB pirates are fighters that will focus on hax powers and dirty tricks, SHs will be stronger than them when they fight
Zoro will One-Shot Shiryu
Mark my Words

Zoro's Final Opponents include Shiryu, Bald Gorosei, Fujitora & Mihawk + Possible Clash/Encounter with Im-Sama similar to Enel
That's why i believe Shiryu is Hype Tool for Zoro, Bald Gorosei is more about Story, Fujitora Fight won't be Concluded & is basically a Clash where Fujitora let's Zoro pass & realize that he is Strong enough to take down the Main Villains Group & finally Mihawk will be Zoro's Extreme Fight