Current Events [MYTH] Luffy Did not Need Zoro to Save Him From Boro Breath Because He Could Tank it Just Fine

Did Zoro need to save Luffy from Kaido's 1st Boro Breath

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There seems to be a pervasive belief that Zoro intervening to rescue Luffy from Kaido's Boro Breath was completely unnecessary as Luffy could withstand Boro Breath just fine without Zoro's assistance.

Boro Breath's Damage
Contrary to popular belief, Luffy was not left unscathed by Boro Breath and was actually quite badly wounded by it. Before Boro Breath, Luffy withstood Mama's "God of Lightning: Tenjin" which dealt zero damage to him because of his rubber body. We can compare Luffy before and after those two scenes to get an idea of how hurt he was left by Boro Breath:
Luffy Before Boro BreathLuffy After Boro Breath

In the panel just before Luffy receives Boro Breath, he is virtually unmarked. On the other hand, after receiving Boro Breath:
  • He has multiple scuff marks all over his face.
  • He's shown to be bleeding on the right side of his head
  • He's bleeding from his nose

We only get to see his face, but Luffy clearly took significant damage from the attack. One thing that should be pointed out was that Luffy was prepared/on guard when Kaido actually landed Boro Breath on him. It's plausible that he used haki to try and block the attack and still took significant damage anyway.

Luffy's Reaction
To determine whether Luffy needed saving, one might also consider Luffy's reaction to Zoro's intervention. As far as I can tell, Luffy had a look of pure elation and was grateful to Zoro for bailing him out of that situation.

This is Luffy after Zoro saved him from Bolo Breath:

This is not the expression of someone that did not appreciate being saved. Luffy at least was very grateful for Zoro saving him.

If Luffy was unprepared for the Boro Breath that Zoro intercepted and thus didn't bring up his guard on time, it would help explain why he was so relieved when Zoro assisted him.

Zoro's intervention to prevent Boro Breath from hitting Luffy was entirely warranted.

To summarise my arguments so far:
  • Luffy received significant damage when he took Boro Breath head-on.
    • Luffy might have used haki to block the attack.
  • Luffy was grateful for Zoro's intervention when Kaido first launched Boro Breath
    • He may have been unable to bring up his guard in time.

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Again with this -.- . Even if it damages himβ€š the damage is negligible . Plus he could have dodged it easily. If he can evade a thunder Bagua outside gear 4thβ€š then he could have evaded Boro breathβ€š but if he did thatβ€š there won't be the 'gut' panel.

Enough with trying to push Zoro over so hard. Otherwise let's see through the whole storyβ€š how many times Zoro was saved by Luffy
Its not about zoro being there or not honestly... its about luffy's durability just shows the tank he is in gear 4, the damage is negligible for sure even kaido remarks to that.. so he is BB proof if he was "badly injured" he wouldn't just proceed to give kaido's dragon form that ass whopping whilst BM stared in awe like comon man...sorry to be the heretic but just shows what gear 4th really is
i mean how can you conclude that he is badly injured when kaido claims that luffy's fire proof... SMH

edit: and zoro was recovering from bolt he got struck with and either way he isn't available and needed

Scuff marks don't mean that you're badly injured its just shows that you have tanked hits, Scuffs in a fight don't mean a thing
and where is luffy bleeding from anyway?
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