1. Cinera

    Future Events Why I am not Convinced that Luffy Defeats Kaido

    Introduction I don't have the time to write another full length essay right now (and I would address this at depth in one of my forthcoming essays), so I'm going to be as brief as possible. Considers this a rough sketch of my beliefs, and my attempt at getting the pulse of the community. I've...
  2. Cinera

    Current Events Why do You Think Zoro Will Defeat King?

    I'll write a proper thread on why I think Zoro wouldn't face King sometime later, but I'm curious what reasons people have for endorsing Zoro vs King. As far as I'm aware, the main reasons to endorse Zoro vs King are: Meta Zoro has always faced the strongest subordinate(s) of the arc...
  3. Cinera

    Current Events Zoro's Desire to Fight Kaido

    Acknowledgements @Zenos7, @HA001 and @Zemlya have my gratitude for their direct assistance with the panels. This essay would not be possible without their enthusiastic support. Disclaimer I tag a lot of people from my posts. If you want to be removed from my tag lists, let me know. Likewise...
  4. Cinera

    Future Events Borsalino's Future Opponent is Zoro

    Borsalino's opponent from the Strawhat crew is Zoro not Sanji. There are a few reasons to expect this to be the case: Borsalino used a sword in his only serious fight against another top tier He has a named techniques for creating said sword "Ame no Murakamo". Said sword is one of Japan's...
  5. KiriNigiri

    Character Discussion Cutting The Mist Towards The Brilliant Sky: Captain Tashigi

    Introduction The One Piece series is home for many beloved characters. However, like most series, there are those who are unfortunately not as appreciated. Tashigi fits that category. Of the reasons for why she is one of the more commonly derided cast members range from her strength, or lack...
  6. Cinera

    Powers & Abilities Zoro Could Use Ryuo Before Enma

    Introduction There seems to be this annoyingly persistent myth that Zoro could not use Ryuo (here I refer in particular to the same flow of haki that e.g. Kawamatsu uses and which Zoro has been using in the Kaido fight) before Enma. Such a myth couldn't be farther from the truth, Zoro could not...
  7. kurwa

    Powers & Abilities Taming Enma is not hard nor impressive

    "Taming/using Enma is a Yonko lvl feat" "Taming/using Enma means Zoro has Oden lvl haki" "Only Zoro is capable of taming/using Enma out of any swordsman/person there" ... All of these statements just because Zoro is using Enma. Let's start with the panel that started it all: "Before or after"...
  8. Cinera

    Speculations The Second Advent

    Acknowledgements @Zenos7, @HA001, @Zemlya and @KiriNigiri have my gratitude for their direct assistance with the panels. I also want to thank @KiriNigiri for his feedback. Finally, @Light D Lamperouge has my gratitude for helping stitch the panels together and somehow stay within the 40 image...
  9. Cinera

    Powers & Abilities Zoro is Just Getting Started

    Disclaimer I tag a lot of people from my posts. If you want to be removed from my tag lists, let me know. Likewise if you want to be added. Introduction On many an occasion, I've seen people saying that Zoro is showing out here, and that it would be the turn of Law and Kidd to shine next...
  10. G

    Current Events Zoro Carrying Luffy throughout the Raid. Oda Implying Equality?

    Zoro's timeskip training was for the purpose of being strong enough to protect his captain (Luffy). Oda has hammered this point in the Onigashima raid. Zoro has literally and figuratively been carrying Luffy throughout the Raid. He has been protecting him every step of the way. Some examples...
  11. sanjikun

    Questions & Mysteries Sanji's dad > Zoro's dad

    I've seen people give flack to the Germa king Vinsmoke "Top 5" Judge, but who is Zoro's daddy? NOBODY. If we rank them by their dad's strength (1) Luffy (2) Sanji (3) Zoro The true monster trio ranking :steef: Imagine if Yamato joins though :jordamas:
  12. Cinera

    Speculations A Look at Inherited Will in the Land of Wano (ZKK: Part 1)

    Acknowledgements @Zenos7 and @KiriNigiri have my gratitude for their direct assistance with the panels. I also want to than @Garp the Fist for his Grand Wano Death Compilation thread; several of my panels were directly lifted from them. Finally, @Light D Lamperouge has my gratitude for helping...
  13. Fleet Leader Fenaker


    - Hey Guys ; today we will talk about Zoro CoO Feat and it has an island range : :finally: :queenhear: N.B : the ppl who don't want to read this essay can skip all the things below and can read my answer to shishio with a map posted there that explains all the things i showed here .:cheers: -...
  14. Mochiman

    Character Discussion Which SN impressed you the most and which one disappointed you?

    Since their introduction until now, which SN has proven to be a better character than you thought back in Sabaody and which one has disappointed or failed to meet your expectations? Personally, Bege is the SN that has changed my opinion the most. At the beginning, Kid, Law, Hawkins or Drake...
  15. Cinera

    Powers & Abilities Hiryuu Kaen: Fire, Haki, Some Combination of the Two or Something Else Entirely?

    Introduction In chapter 1002, when Zoro was preparing Hiryuu Kaen we see something gather around his sword: There seems to be no consensus on what exactly the aura we see building up around Zoro's sword is. I've written my thoughts on it elsewhere, but I thought to make a proper thread about...
  16. TheAncientCenturion

    Current Events Zoro has the best feat in the manga and it's kinda nuts

    No matter the specifics of the translation, the gist of this sentiment will stay the same. Big Mom — Great Pirate and Yonko since the age of 5 whose career has seen her align herself with and against the legends of recent history — tells Kaido to dodge. It does not matter if Kaido dodged or Zoro...
  17. Cinera

    Future Events Your Wildest Hopes for Zoro This Arc

    Chapter 1002 surpassed the wildest expectations of even the most outlandish of Zoro fans (@ShishioIsBack and @nik87 can attest to this); none of us expected that Zoro will demonstrate the offensive prowess to terrify two Yonkou with an Ittoryu technique. It has been a common claim of some Zoro...
  18. Marimo_420

    Speculations Zoro is already the WSS?

    Hear me out peeps. Hear me out. Since it's an established fact that Mihawk is indeed a fraud who gets stalled by low tier commanders, and couldn't possibly be a "real" top tier comparatively speaking to the Yonkos and Admirals, shouldn't Zoro already hold the title of WSS? This is the same...
  19. Buusatan94

    Character Discussion Character discussion thread: Roronoa Zoro

    Hello everyone, I have decided to create some general character threads on this forum and since the first is about Luffy then the second is naturally going to be about the second protagonist and member of the Straw Hat Pirates both in terms of chronology and strength : The Pirate Hunter, Roronoa...
  20. King of Hearts

    Future Events Zoro is still going to fight King

    That’s it. That’s the thread. Somehow Zoro is going to bow out of the fight on the rooftop and he’s going to fight King, mark my words. Or don’t, doesn’t really matter to me.