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Non SBS Information by @Nidai_Kitetsu
A few non-SBS quotes from Oda related to Zoro:
"Those who participated in the 'Character Popularity Vote', thank you very much. I'm really happy that Luffy came in first. I was worried that Zoro or Shanks might overtake him." - Oda's weekly comments (1998)

2. "Luffy, Zoro, Nami.
With them, the triggers are assembled for now.
...that's how it's said. And I have this kind of image in my mind
." - Color Walk 1 (2001)
Thanks to @Vivaldi-kun and @Micchan212for the info and translation.
P.S. - The popular translation for this part was provided by Sandman from Arlong park forum. The translation was "Luffy, Zoro and Nami are the trigger/core of ONE PIECE." @Vivaldicontacted him and Sandman agreed that this translation was misleading. Sandman edited it afterwards.

3. Ashley Rochefort: "Why does Tashigi look like Zoro's old friend Kuina?"
Oda: "Its just a coincidence. There's no backstory like Tashigi turns out to be Kuina's sister or something....[laughs]"
- Jump Festa (2008)

4. Vicky Hutchinson: "Zoro's my favorite character. I would like to have permission to be his #1 fan"
Oda: "Well, Vicky, all the Zoro fans think like you do. So please do as you wish. I'd like you to think that you are the #1 Zoro fan"
- Jump Festa (2008)

5. "I messed up Zoro's eye on the cover page of the very first chapter. The scar is supposed to be on his left eye. Ahahaha" - Oda's weekly comments (2010)

6. "Don't speak ill of Zoro." - Niconico Live Broadcast (28 December 2011)
(If you guys know any non-SBS quotes from Oda related to Zoro, kindly let me know. I will update this part)

SBS information by @Nidai_Kitetsu
List of SBS Q&A related to Zoro
This is an updated version of all the SBS question and answers related to Zoro. I tried to find the best translation possible, I used ViZ, Stephen's scripts and also Micchan's translation.
Q: Doesn't Zoro's name come from the famous pirate, "Francois l'Ollonais"?

A: You got it. I took the name from Francois l'Ollonais, said to be the cruelest of all the "Pirates of the Caribbean." That, along with Morgan and Alvida, are names derived from actual pirates.

Q: Why does Zoro always wear that old fogey stomach band (haramaki)?

A: How rude!! Just sit down right there!! Okay! Remember this!! The haramaki is the high-fashion-nice-fit battle garb of the proudest of Nippon's warriors!! Contemplate that! You may leave!

Q: Why don't Luffy and Zoro go by the names "Monkey" or "Roronoa"? Or are those their family names, the Japanese way?

A: Yes. That's it. First surname. Then given name.

Q: When I went to the barber a little while ago and asked for a Zoro haircut, he shaved my head. What should I say to get a haircut like Zoro's?
A: Ask for the cut of a "Man's Heart and Spirit."

Q: I wanna say something to the guy who said Zoro's stomach band was for "old fogies" in the SBS on p.130 of Volume 4!! You, yes, you!! First, I too wondered, why does cool guy Zoro have a stomach band? But then, once I realized that it's a part of Zoro, it became okay! I, yes I shall allow it! So you should too! Now we're friends!
A: ...oh! A friendship between readers has bloomed... Wonderful.
[Stephen Paul's translation]
Q: Oda-sensei, this is the spirit of the heart (what Zoro uses to "speak" with the sword in his mouth), isn't it? (Pen Name Arunya)
A: Yes. This is a good spirit of the heart.

Q: I went to the barber and told him "A Spirit-of-the-Man's-Heart cut!!" Then he said, "Okay!!" and he shaved my head bald. Entirely the wrong look. Sensei, are there any requirements to become a Zoro?! Tell me!! *sob, sob*
A: Don't cry!! Stand up!! There are battles that a man cannot run from!! So what if you got shaved bald once?! When your hair grows out again, go back to that barber and challenge him!! A return match!! Well, if I were you, I wouldn't (ROFL).

Q: Oda-sensei! Those birthdays (in Volume 15) were way too easy to come up with! I want to have a word with their parents!! How-EVER!! Who are Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji's parents?!
A: Ahhhh... Did I really take the easy way out? I guess you're right... I just made them up as jokes, based on their personalities. You really can't choose a birthday over such trivial reasoning... I'll reflect on my thoughtlessness...


A: Ummm... lesseee... x... plus... y. Okay, next. (Perfect)

Q: Wassssup, Oda-sensei?! I have a question about Vivi and Zoro (doooon)!! Why does Vivi call Zoro Mr. Bushido?! (dogooon) I'm super super superrrr!! Interested. Please teeeelllll me. Bye!! See you in a million years!!

A: You know, if you start calling a friend by a funny nickname, you can't really go back. You know how that works. If she were to suddenly start calling him Zoro-san, it would be too odd. I think Vivi will call him Mr. Bushido for the rest of her life.

Q: If Zoro and Sanji had a big fight, who would emerge victorious? Zoro beat Mr. 1, so I guess...Zoro would be the winner, right...?

A: Whoa! You scared me... for a second it looked like "If Zoro and Sanji had a dick fight" (Note in Japanese, at least). Hey man, learn to punctuate better or something. You know what I mean....okay, see you next time!

Q: Hello, Oda-sensei. On the right side of the first panel on Volume 26 page 54, is that Zoro trying to jump into the sea of clouds real casual-like? He must have really wanted to dive in there!!
O: Yeah. What a retard.

[Stephen Paul's translation, I liked ViZ's translation more in this case]

Zoro-related Info by Sandman:
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add me :giggle:
long live the sword god Shimotsuki Zoro

MY first theory here about Zoro and Ryuma , i dont now if anyone said it before ,
Ryuma family is Rorona , butafter he got his epithet Shimotsuki with the pass of the time the peole forget Roronoa that why his offspring are called Shimotsuki , now how this connect Zoro
one of two ways :
1-The Shimotsuki family didn't forget their true name so when zoro's father sent him to east blue 20 years ago he told his mother / retainers that they should call him Roronoa not Shimotsuki.

2-Zoro came from the past (by Toki ) before the Roronoa turned to Shimotsuki .
So we went from Zoro cannot fight King without a pu, he is too weak, he is not gonna fight him at all, to Zoro cannot fight Kaido after he beats King, or Zoro will only do 10 percent of the damage to Kaido after he beats King.


I told you guys, Oda is one of the biggest Zoro wankers out there. Let me quote him.
"Don't speak ill of Zoro"

It is a good week to be a Zoro fan, it always is, but this one is special.

As i stated before at discord ; my prediction is Onimaru the fox will be the key to reveal of zoro's blood relation to Shimotsukis.
- Firtsly even if Zoro agrees to Hiyori's Enma offer , imo he wont give up on Shusui and while Zoro taking it Onimaru the cutest fox will bite his arm as he did to Kawaimatsu
- Animals senses are always way better than humans . even with a single bite , it can feel the relation of blood. And after that it can tell us story of zoro.
- At this way will be more logical to explain and pace it into story , even when zoro doesnt know anything about his relatives , we can learn it from 3rd person. it will be more natural and logical than '' zoro always knew but he never talked about it and hid it ''