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I don’t know how I feel about this.... on one hand it’s pretty cool that Sanji is getting a PU but on the other hand it could ruin his character and make all of WCI pointless

I’ll wait a bit before I make my judgement because I don’t know where Oda will take this but....

If Sanji loses his emotions contrary to what his mother wished then this terrible but I don't think Oda will go that route.
Sounds like this tbh. He might be the new CP-0 head, which is frankly surprising if true because I wouldn't have expected him to be the strongest of them. Would have more expected the 3 currently in Wano to be stronger.
nah Lucci is a prodigy. I always knew he was the strongest

beside we're past the whole CP arc. We don't need more CP0 strong characters. It's like introducing new Warlords to fight Luffy
How has this ruined Sanji’s development ? Vinsmokes hate him because his “mentality” is weak. Not his strength or abilities. He oneshotted Yonji in WCI, they dont care that hes physically strong now. They hate his kindness and caring attitude. They hate that he cooks. Basically everything that Sanji got from Sora and Zeff….

Sanji developing his own natural exoskeleton doesnt ruin him. Only the RS did, since that was using the tech of the family he hates.
No because you get that power up by continuously fighting it ain't coming out of nowhere

Sanji literally owes everything to his father whom he hates
That's not even the point of the argument, lol. You're saying that Sanji received a PU because he can't beat Queen but when and if Zoro will get it, you'll say it's for Kaido and Zoro could've defeated him anyway.
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