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I don’t know how I feel about this.... on one hand it’s pretty cool that Sanji is getting a PU but on the other hand it could ruin his character and make all of WCI pointless

I’ll wait a bit before I make my judgement because I don’t know where Oda will take this but....

Im pretty sure he descript Jinbe vs WsW with few attacks, same for Robin and Franky part, im pretty sure he descript little of the fights xD.
Dude really not liking Sanji huh?
Here's what he did for Jinbe:

- Chapter 1,018 : "Jinbe Vs. Who's Who".
- Tama becomes the target of Kaidou's subordinates.
- The Gifters and Shinuchi will be in charge of protecting her.
- Tama and Nami go on Speed's back (Usopp goes behind asking to be allowed to climb).
- Nami tells Zeus that they are now "companions".
- Zeus is very happy.
- CP-0 analyzes the battle after the last change.
- CP-0 also mention Who's Who.
- The rest of the chapter is Jinbe vs. Who's Who.
- Who's Who blames Shanks for stealing the Gomu Gomu no Mi.
- In addition to having eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi, Who's Who is angry with Luffy for wearing Shanks's (Straw Hats) hat.
- Who's Who heard the story of the legendary warrior "Sun God" from a guard, he was related to slaves.
- Thanks to that story, Who's Who was able to survive in prison (in the image we see the silhouette of the warrior).
- The guard who told Who's Who the story disappeared, so Who's Who decided to escape from prison in case he they did something.
- As captain of the Taiyou (Sun) Pirates, Who's Who asks Jinbe if he knows anything about this story, being a pirate gang of ex-slaves.
- At the end Jinbe uses a new attack against Who's Who.
- Break next week

He essentially only told the plot points and avoided pretty much all of the actual attacks outside of mentioning the Jinbe one at the end.
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