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He has momo in his hands and thinking of what to do, I mean oda can't draw more than this, obviously without momo he is way more free and only focusing on fighting...
He can fight while protecting someone perfectly against X drake tho :kobeha: but not against King
He's right you know:watchout: King let his prey go, transformed and still blitzed the fuck outta the light speed RS :crazwhat:
Sanji is a close range fighter, he has to come in contact with kid at some point

So yeah even though kidd's speed and mobility aren't his best assets against sanji, he could let himself be hit and turn sanji into a magnet
Wow. Kidd really is ASS. So basically you saying that if sanji had ranged attacks he would defeat kidd. Damn you adding something else to my list as to why kidd needs to level up something other than his magnetism cuz shit
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At least he didn't play football with his body, with franky as the goalie :crazwhat:
Nah he played football with the ground after he bounced off of it.
He hit that ground so hard that he reverted from being a mascot with the suit nto a benched player
Agreed he should fair a bit better. Though having to get a genetic buff last min to do it is cringe since zoro been tanking kings attacks
Sanji has actively not been using his first power up (RS) against Queen, and got caught off guard by Queen's attack that was so insane it made EVERYONE drop their guard.
Zoro is using his first power up (Enma) and is using harderning vs King's unhardened blade.
Nah, King took two blows from Marco and barely bled. Queen took 1 and spewed blood.
Ah yes bleeding through mask
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and yet unlike you candies i was right about everything so far, zoro having coc zoro fighting king,zoro scarring kaido,and sanji fighting queen
LMAO, triggered, cringe dude this isn't the subject hahaha i'm dying
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