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It should be next week. Then End of April is the Golden Week/WSJ Break.

So chapter this week, Oda break next week, Chapter again 2 in weeks (week beginning Monday 18th April) and then WSJ Break/Golden Week from 25th April onwards I think?
Upcoming chapters schedule :

-Chapter 1046 next Friday.
-Break (Oda).
-Chapter 1047 (April 21).
-Break (WSJ)
-Chapter 1048 (April 27-28 or May 6-7).
-Chapter 1049 (May 12).
-Break (Oda).

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Viva La One Peace.
Another BeeGees fan??
I saw a dad joke on the comments to jive talking and i didn't know whether to laugh or fukn cry
So you're saying it was a Tragedy then? I Started A Joke and it led to this...

Honestly, I've Gotta Get A Message To You that You Should Be Dancing.

What was that joke btw?

Seriously though, Tragedy is such a good tune, I love that song so much! Bee Gees were iconic lol.
@DJOMOLO @Ahmed @Pringles Since yall called me fraud for 1045 spoilers:suresure::suresure:

Early 1045 Spoilers thanks to **ShinraX** from **LG forum**

- More Loony Toon fight scenes between Kaidou and Luffy.
- There are no beautiful spread as usual. Don't let other leakers fool you. It looks like diarrhea on the page.

I will provide further spoilers within some hours. Stay tuned!!
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Just fights
Don't expect much. He just fighting like he used to. Tho Luffy is beating his ass more.
No there are no Kaidou flashback.
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