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Brief summary thanks to 106.101 from dc-outside forums
- Chapter 1046: Ramadan Mubarak
- Chapter starts with Luffer who exits the manga and travels to real life thanks to his awakening
- Luffer pulls a new attack: gomu gomu no ramadan mubarak
- All objects around him, one by one, start fasting, including spoilers
- In an amazing double spread, we see a naked TAC posting fake spoilers on Worstgen forums
- Break until the end of ramadan
The climax of Act 3 is the Raid obviously ??? Act 3 had been going on for ages before that chapter even had come out.

I’m not sure what you’re arguing. The fact the editors and marketing is now saying “the fate of Wano will be discovered soon should already tell you” we’re moving on soonish
My guy the wording doesn't matter. Climax, ending, fate, etc, they always claim it's "soon", but it's never really THAT close lol.

Of course the last one they did will be very close to the end of the raid, but advertisements like this have been happening for 1.5 years.
There will be leaks with or without him
That's what he's saying though. He's saying to not expect his, just wait for 5Ch or potentially Korean spoilers before Thursday.


- Shueisha doesn't seem to care about text spoilers or summaries
- They also don't seem to care about LQ raws since the Twitter sources have survived for years (Emunpla for example)
- They 100% care about the HQ scans that come from TCB, etc, but can't do much about it
- They are handling the leaks thst happened last 2 weeks
- Redon is just withholding his summaries as a personal precaution because he'd rather anon sources essentially leak material if it's going to be leaked.

Basically it
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