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Bantheos > Bogard (just saying that for the pun ofc! :catpole::catblush::catsweat::catsure:)

Also btw I made a "WorstGen Users Explaining" meme btw! I hope you guys like it!:

(For Imgur version, you will have to unmute it to hear it)

I'll tag the people who are featured in it and I hope you all like it, I made it all in light jest and not to try and offend ofc too and I hope I was accurate for you too MarineHQ!:

@EtenBoby @TheAncientCenturion @AL sama @MarineHQ62 @MonsterZoro @Monkey D Theories @Cinera @DoctorIndigo @Rottkins

I was really stuck for ideas so I tried to do what I could and I hope y'all find it funny anyway!

I'll tag some other people to check it out too:

@Pot Goblin @Doggo @BleakAsh @RayanOO @Natalija @Kiwipom @Worst @SeaTonnes @Thururu @TheKnightOfTheSea @MonsterKaido @Tyki_Mikk @Horo Horo Musume @Vinsmoke D. Zolo @solis @Light D Lamperouge @Finalbeta @Twin Milf @OnePiss @AverageNamiEnjoyer @Hedfi @Luffywankishere @mly90 @gamaran @Bango🍅 @Meeyori @Krusher1357 @NikaInParis @Kagurashii @Joygirl @matt245 @Hiragaro @Sanji D Goat @YASER @Paperchampion23 @Jailer @ArturCantSpeakJapanese @SDfear @No=Yes @Ice devil slayer @GrandmasterChef Zonji @Ravagerblade

I know I've tagged a ton of you but I wanted to get as many of you to see it and hopefully at least some of you will enjoy this and I don't want to forget including certain people too, but I fear I probably have anyway!


If enough of you like this, I will happily make a dedicated thread for it and we can submit ideas for other versions of this meme, including suggesting users, jokes/memes for them and even video clips to be used and such. Others are also welcome to make their own versions and contribute them ofc! I will even elaborate on how I made this if y'all want, I used a free online video editor and a template with this meme too!

If this goes ahead, we will keep it light and not be actually cruel to each other ofc! Just keep it funny and a little savage but not outright mean ofc! Just our usual banters and such!

Not open for further replies.