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yamabros ganged up on me cause I said her chance dropped slightly lol
Ooooh, I feel your pain! Sorry about the toxicity/rage in the thread too! Ironically Yamato fans need to learn to "chill out" haha. Odas really taking advantage of baiting us with whether she will join or not, like the "will they wont they" trope for shipping in movies and tv series.

I went through this for so many years with waiting for Jinbei to join and fearing he might not due to how long it was taking, the lack of screentime for him especially post WCI and not knowing what happened to him for so long lol.

There's also the issue whether Zeus is still alive, will he join the crew too as a "nakama" and thus support for Nami? I remember Oda saying ages ago that a former enemy will join the SHs and at one point, new members will join in quick succession which I'm sure is either now or never ofc, especially in the biggest, longest, most complex arc and so many potential candidates too?
The "bad ending" for One Piece fans, is catching up to it :emohiyo:

People that decide to read One Piece after it's over, are gonna have such a nice adventure

all the problems and shit won't matter

even i'm waiting to read One Piece from start to finish when it ends

i feel like it's gonna be a nice closure for this part of my life

especially if the timeline of it ending between 2025 ~ 2027 is correct
I talked with my cousin about OP last week and he’s extremely pissed because of Kaido's death.
We agreed on one thing, I will show my children OP until MF and tell them that Luffy died because of his wounds. The end
He will do the same
It’s still better than wasting their time
Um drumz hint with mihawk and crocodile literally hints this being a warlord chapter
Chadtora scared Lihawk and he flee like a lil bitch while saying "My power and the power of red hair shanks is not equal to this guy, we can't do anything to them"
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What was your so called hint?
Sanji Zoro got soloed by Aramaki and Aramaki say that he want to take down luffy now at the end of the chapter
Larrot & Lamato won't join the Lugiwara
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My future plan:
I will show my children OP until MF. I will say that Luffy died or gave up his pirate life
If they ask me about post ts OP… well I will tell them that’s Chinese propaganda and fake
They tried to trash OP
10/10 Plan
Frauda won't let you to that, he will traumatize your children by going to your house and say : "IM THE BEST MANGAKA IN THE WORLD, THE BEST, KAIDO CLOWN LOOOOL LUFFY BEST MC CAN'T BE DEFEATEN, MY FINAL ARC IS CLOWN MOMENT LOOOOOL"
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