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Like I told Lili, that still doesnt change how they did want to join straight away

Wasnt the whole point of Enies Lobby that she was sacrificing herself for the crew? :choppawhat:
Because she saw something different in them and really liked them. But she was always positive about the fact they were nobody against the World Government, that they would be exterminated. It's in Enies Lobby she realises she wants to live and is finall able to TRUST them.
Does Sanji's gag of lusting over women means he doesnt actually want them? Something being a gag doesnt make it not true, Usopp did want to join
Usopp literally end the arc about to go on his seperate way before Luffy told him to come on board
And when that happened he still said he would be captain

showing again that the gag doesnt affect anything
Brook did not trust/have enough faith in the straw hats to tell them about Moria
What? when was that established? from what I recall he simply wanted to deal with it himself
My point is all straw hats went through a change in a way or another before joining.
Brook and Jinbe never changed, unless you wanna reach and say that trusting on Luffy means a change in personality
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