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I don't feel like looking up the panels for this, but I can try to in the future.

First time Naruto uses the shadow clone Jutsu
0-Tail Fox reveal
Zabuza's final stand with all those blades in his back
Panel of the full Nine Tail fox
Kakashi's Thunder Blade move as well as the dog scroll jutsu
Kakashi copying Zabuza
Page of Haku already dead from Kakashi's attack
That panel that made us think that Kakashi got sliced to shreds from the Puddle Brothers
Naruto Stabbing his hand
Gaara's eye move
Sasuke and Naruto on the top of the trees
Naruto's teacher taking a giant shuriken in the back
Sasuke using the giant windmill shuriken
Sharigen eyes from both Kakashi and Sasuke
Might Guy
Rock Lee kicking Sasuke really hard
The illusion of Sasuke that Sakura saw
The sequence of Kakashi passing Team 7 in their first test when he seemed all pissed off at first
Kakashi defending while reading his pervy book
Sasuke's flame Jutsu

That's all from the top of my head

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