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only suckers on this forum think Mihawk is stronger than Shanks
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Even Primebeard is weaker than Shanks :kobeha:

As usual, majority OP fans won't choose from Marine side, even either Prime Garp or FA Akainu. Must be from sentiment of Ace's death:usosmug:
Oda needs to do something to hype the admirals, the way it is, casual fans don't put so much expectation on them or the navy anymore
You know what
I have a simple solution, she should fuck herself and shut the fuck up
People have gone mad…disgusting people
Not everything about the old times was right but man the current society sucks balls
People never find a middle ground
Its not current society,its the woke/left winger/politically correct people.They are a loud minority,that is it.Thing is,they are occupying positions of power,so they seem to be everywhere.Most people everywhere still hold traditional values.
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