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"Coby is stronger than Smoker" :suresure:
It's fascinating that this guy can spam the same posts for hours in here and in the Nardo forums, bring Mihawk and Zoro into every topic and say that everyone in the story is tiers above Mihawk but has no problem with posting something as dumb as "Coby is stronger than Smoker." :saden:
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The people that hype up Marco for landing hits on King are about to go crazy with Chopper's portrayal, completely ragdolled Queen, running laps around him, tanked his lasers and still has to deal with Pedospero. You can't run away from this. :milaugh:
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CoC: Color of Clowns

Give us the Caribou chapter we crave Oda
Most underrated character in OP
He would be a worthy rival for Luffy and a huge pirate in the blue seas
Wyper will take the holy rubber band Go. D Usopp bestowed upon the Skypieans, learn its secrets, find other rubber, and use it to craft great rubber armor. When Enel returns, Wyper, clad in the rubber skin of Nika gifted to him by Usopp, will smite down the false god, achieving justice after all of Enel's crimes.

I can't wait for Wyper to come back, I hope we see him in Elbaf since it connects to the Sky Islands.

We could see Enel in this arc, considering Vegapunk is all about robots, and Enel is currently running a city of robots on the Moon.

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
Damn so shanks > mihawk is a pretty popular take huh
It is popular opinion. Shanks is one if the most popular characters among majority of OP Fans. And also with the recent Film Red campaign, Shanks apparently is shown to be very powerful with the non-canon feats. No wonder Shanks' hype train gets even crazier and make Shanks' cults be more confident on Shanks > Mihawk take.
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