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World's Strongest Swordsman
It is popular opinion. Shanks is one if the most popular characters among majority of OP Fans. And also with the recent Film Red campaign, Shanks apparently is shown to be very powerful with the non-canon feats. No wonder Shanks' hype train gets even crazier and make Shanks' cults be more confident on Shanks > Mihawk take.
The irony being even in his own film he showed he's just a swordsman
Damn so shanks > mihawk is a pretty popular take huh
Well i'm among the one who think Shanks > Mihawk due to "weaker swordsman with Peak CoC" > "WSS with Peak CoA".

But my rating probably goes like dis

1. Imu
2. Xebec ~ Roger
3. Shanks ~ Kaidou ~ WB ~ Luffy ~ BB
4. Akainu ~ Mihawk ~ Garp ~ Fujitora ~ Kizaru
5. Aokiji ~ Ryokugyu ~ BM ~ Rayleigh

My kind of rating may be offensive to some people lol
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