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CoC: Color of Clowns

Give us the Caribou chapter we crave Oda
Chapter 1069: Science Showdown

Page 1:
Caribou is trudging through the snow, thinking about how the Straw Hats will regret abandoning him.
"I have their friend to sell, after all..." Caribou chuckles: we see Carrot inside of him, and a small flashback of Caribou agreeing to keep Carrot inside of his Swamp when he leaves Wano with the Straw Hats.
Caribou is suddenly knocked out from behind.

Page 2:
Shiryu uncloaks, looks down at Caribou, and mutters, "Who in the hell is this clown? Are there other pirates on Egghead?"
Carrot pops out of Caribou, going, "Gah! I can't believe he was going to sell me into slavery! What a creep!"
Carrot sees Shiryu, and says, "Wow! Thanks for saving me mister!" She then flinches and Shiryu tilts his head.
Shiryu smirks, and hisses, "...Sorry... my blade says I shouldn't let you go..."
Carrot gulps, and begins retreating.

Page 3:
Kaku shouts: "Lucci, I saw a ship near here, as well! It's probably the Straw Hat's ship!"
Lucci smirks, and replies, "I can already tell what you want. Go ahead, Kaku, and commandeer their vessel. Actually: destroy it if you can."
Luffy scowls as Lucci smirks, then shouts, "Shut up, pigeon-guy! You hurt the cool robot old guy that gave us food! And, your dumb fake-Usopp is too weak to break the Sunny, anyway!"
Kaku leaps away, as Lucci attacks Luffy. Seraphim Kuma attacks Jinbei, who is wary.

Page 4:
Jinbei as he knocks Seraphim Kuma/S-Bear away with Fishman Karate: "Chopper-san, stay away from him! He's different than the other Pacifista... we don't know what powers he has!"
Luffy and Lucci exchange even blows, with Lucci taunting Luffy: "Come on, show me your real strength. There's no way you haven't grown in the last two years. I want to see your best, to show you I've become better."
Luffy appears behind Lucci, and throws his arms back to do a Grizzly Mangum.

Page 5:
Lucci looks behind him with a feral grin, and compresses his tail. "Tail Pistol: Blindspots."
Luffy is ripped into by Lucci's tail shooting out blasts of force, blood spewing out as Luffy stumbles back.
Lucci: "You're as fast and cocky as ever."
Luffy: "And you're still a giant jerk! I won't let you kill this old guy just because his brain is big!"
Lucci blinks, then mutters, "Listen you wouldn't know what the Gods of this world desire. You either do their work, or be cast down. I won't let you destroy Cipher Pol again, Mugiwara."

Page 6:
Jinbei clicks his tongue as he shoulder throws S-Bear, his Haki allowing him to avoid S-Bear's Devil Fruit powers.
Luffy: "Gods are stupid! Who would want to rule over everyone else? I just want to be free! The old man did nothing wrong! Do you actually like killing people, just because someone ruling you ordered you to!?!"
Lucci's face grows furious, as he folds his arms back to attempt a Rokuogan.
Luffy retaliates with Red Roc.

Page 7-8:
Just as the attacks collide, Lucci widens his eyes, and dodges, taking a bit of damage to his side as he leaps out of the way with Shave.
Lucci: "That Haki... so, you don't rely on your Fruit as much, now. Killing you would be a real pain... Damn. This changes the mission. STUSSY! Call in a Buster Call. We can't risk the Straw Hats taking Vegapunk. Save as much info as you can... before Egghead goes up in flames."

Page 9:
Robin falls to her knees, while Shaka assures her: "Don't worry, child of Ohara. I am not as peaceful as the scholars you were raised by. I've raised plenty of monsters, to fight the WG's worst forces."
Various Seraphim begin releasing, and moving towards teleportation pads.
Above Egghead, Kuma appears, tears sliding down his still face.

Page 10:
Zoro looks up, and mutters, "Hey, Brook... go tell the others we have bigger problems than Vegapunk."
Before brook can respond, Kaku's leg is clashing with Zoro's swords.
Kaku: "Haha! You guys really love being a thorn in our sides, don'tcha! We have plenty of reinforcement nearby, though. This time, your crew won't escape."
Brook gasps, but nods, and runs off.

Page 11:
Zoro, as he begins dueling swords with Kaku: "Big words, from a man I already defeated."
Kaku smirks, and begins moving at a nearly invisible speed, attacking Zoro from behind.
Kaku: "I took that defeat very personally."
Zoro swears as his side is cut into.
Annoyed, Zoro uses Dragon Rope Twister.

Page 12:
Kaku is launched into the sky, and barely avoids a gigantic Flying Dragon Blaze from Enma.
Kaku glares down at Zoro, who is grinning evilly, and thinks (That bastard was trying to kill me in one slice!)
Zoro, as he leaps up and clashes with Kaku face to face: "I fought Yonkou. You think I'm scared of some government lapdog in a tacky mask?"

Page 13:
Kizaru stands on the shore of Egghead, cracking his neck. "...Hmmm... CP0, huh?"
Sentomaru (on DenDenmushi) : "YES! Get over here! Even if you want to arrest Vegapunk, you can't let CP0 kill him, and destroy this island! The Fleet Admiral agrees, correct?"
Kizaru scratches his chin, and replies, "Yes, I'm supposed to keep Dr. Vegapunk alive. Poor Sakazuki-san... he's had a hard start to his career as Fleet Admiral..."
Sentomaru: "SHUT UP! WE'RE THE ONES UNDER ATTACK! We can't let the Dr's great knowledge go to waste... if what he's doing is criminal, then it's the World Government who-"

Page 14:
Kizaru clicks his tongue: "Careful, Sentomaru. You know that-"
Kuzan, from behind Kizaru: "That criticizing certain parts of the World Government is a death sentence? Ararara. I was really hoping we wouldn't run into each other like this, Borsalino."
Sentomaru: "Wait, is that-?!?" The Den Den Mushi clicks off.
Kizaru: "Kuzan... is my justice unclear? Or is justice unclear itself?"

Page 15:
Kuzan does not respond, but his body begins to grow icy.
Kizaru: "You're a scary guy, Kuzan. You're not acting lazy anymore, you know?"
Kuzan: "Whitebeard died, and so did so many others. I couldn't ignore it. So many died at Marineford. For what? To give rise to greater, more evil pirates? Whitebeard protected territories. What good did his death bring? The Navy alone can't protect this world, Borsalino."

Page 16-17:
Double Spread of Aokiji and Kizaru attacking each other with giant swords, of ice and light, while beams of light shoot into shields of ice.

Page 18:
(Narrator: Watching this battle, is a familiar face)
Vivi gasps as she stares at the two friend fighting, whispering: "Why did Kuma-san send me here!?! Nothing is making any sense! Well... whatever I do, I need to stay away from those two!"
Vivi sniffles, and clasps at her heart while weeping.
"Father... I swear, I will find them again!"
Vivi stares up into the sky.
"I have to! I have to help my Nakama find the One Piece! For the sake of not just Alabasta, but the entire world! We will make Luffy King of the Pirates!"
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