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the problem is these heavy leaning left wing shows are the mainstream. idgaf about conservatives and I can avoid them because they're not being forced upon us
Imo heavy left wing content is ruining its original purpose and makes topics such as "diversity" "anti-racism" "gender equality" etc. dogmatic and ridiculous.
Yep, and I know a lot of conservative-aimed shows also flounder. Entertainment in general is a crapshoot because there are so many different tastes in the world; those conservative shows I mentioned also cater exclusively to their base, and they fail in the exact same ways because not all right-wingers are rabid lunatics…but enough of them are that TV executives think they’ll eat their shit up.
Can you list some of those "conservative-aimed shows?" I'm asking because in my entire life I've been surrounded by "far left propaganda" to an extent that I've developed deep hatred for everything "left" at this point.

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liberalism is very different from leftism. Libertarians are liberals for example
Yeah, I’m a leftist myself, you don’t have to tell me there’s a difference. I don’t agree with the pearl clutching done by mainstream Democrats anymore than the rest of you do, but to only use that as an argument and ignore decades of rampant, public racism and witch-hunting from the right is disingenuous at best. It’s long been conservatives who control what shows up on your TV and censor what you can and can’t see, but it’s only been in the last decade or so that they’ve dropped the facade and shown their true colors thanks to things like Donnie and the Tea Party before him. Check out Storm Thurmond’s life story and what he did against Hollywood during the Red Scare and tell me his influence isn’t still felt throughout most of American culture today.
haven't heard of a single show that isn't woke nowadays is what i'm saying
List the shows you HAVE heard are woke, then, I can’t just sit here and tell you that Last Man Standing and pretty much any other sitcom/drama on FOX or CBS is aimed at older white conservatives.
I don’t feel like liberalism is being FORCED upon anyone; it’s easy to tell which shows are outwardly PC and avoid them, that’s up to you more than the studios.
99% product of hollywoord nowday are garbage. That why if I wana give a try to some new show I first check it (free in internet)
I heard that the studio that is involve in One Piece, didnt have success in past project so that not a good start.

I dont mind wathing good Movie without politics in it (agenda too, seeing all the time canon shit getting gender and color swap is alredy for me politics in it, lunatic one). In any case, I give a few years like this then the have to change 180 degree if they want to survive all the movie studio.
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