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this is not a video game, What next war. Like usa and china goes into a way every monday and friday.
"Next game i will beat you rawr"
There's a war coming i don't know if it'll happen in my lifetime but it definitely will, and china has been preparing for it, even recently they forbade their TV channels to show the feminized men coming from america so that their man will remain strong and masculine.

Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
It is not just about TV shows. It the mentality and the whole thinking process of west which is going spiral downwards.
No, it’s about an imperialist government forcing a confusing and ill-equipped style of politics on a region with much more nuanced and complex divisions than a two-party system would solve; it’s about the occupation of entire nations for no discernible purpose except looking for oil and murdering innocents for sport; it’s about claiming to fight terrorism while simultaneously sowing the seeds that allow it to proliferate in the sudden absence of the sham democracy, which is why Afghanistan fell to the Taliban less than a week after US troops left. None of this has anything to do with a bunch of whiny white liberals waxing poetic on moral relativism after watching an entire season of The Good Place, you misinformed schmuck.
You choose what you want to consume. Simple as that. If you want to watch something lift leaning, watch it, same for right leaning. I've watched both, as long as the world, characters, plot, politics or whatever mesh well I'm fine.
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