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Spring next year is optimistic. Lol
I swear with One Piece the year feels ao short...
Yeah man, to give OP credit, it's been making the pandemic easiers to cope with it at least. Well at least trying to lol. Now here comes the real question, which will end first? Act 3 or even OP itself or the Pandemic?

I know mentioning the pandemic is probably not a good idea as the can of worms it will probably unleash but in all seriousness, OP despite its huge flaws, is helping me to get through it. I still rather OP sped up somewhat (not too much ofc) so it didn't take a turtle's pacing to get through the story, but if it comes at the expense of Oda's health and thus potentially his life too especially, then it will never be worth it ofc. I want to see Oda live to complete One Piece and retire and rest his damn ass FOR ONCE! He's a father too ofc and I imagine his wife would appreciate it too naturally LOL!


One of my biggest fears in life legit is me passing away before I see OP end or worse, Oda passes away before it ends, like what happened with Miura and Berserk! I know it's a taboo topic for a lot of people in the community understandably, but it almost because a reality a few times now and after Miura, I'm far more paranoid for Oda now too especially.

Kubo downright destroyed his health doing Bleach too before, I've heard of some other famous mangaka doing the same too, this industry is a killer! I genuinely want Oda to live long and prosper, beyond One Piece even. He wanted to tour the world when he turns 50, which is in 4 years time now....

But yeah enough of the random tangent, back to the actual topic lmao, I did fear that I was being optimistic with that estimated end time for Wano. I suppose as much as I hate the idea, we probably have around 50 something chapters left? At least even? Including closure and such? I think Luffy vs Katakuri was around 25/26 chapters or so, Kaido has been fighting a lot already so I am wondering, is Oda gonna give him the Katakuri treatment and we're gonna get a super long solo fight with Luffy and Kaido soon? I rather Oda makes it a short fight and we focus on wrapping up all the storylines in Wano and get some actual plot progression and more lore reveals, I'm dying for that Kaido flashback as well as a Rocks Pirates one now too!

There's so many things left to wrap up in Wano, so many things yet to be explored, revealed and discussed. I really don't want Morj to be right about Wano being 200+ chapters but at this point, I'm getting scared for it lmao.

One Piece was said to be 80, maybe 85% done I think by the time Wano started? By Oda or his editors? I imagine we're going straight to Elbaf after this but we still got Vegapunk, the SSG, Weevil, Shanks, Blackbeard, probably Lodestar ofc, Laugh Tale, Imu, the WG in general, Marie Geoise, Admirals and Marines generally, Sword and so on. I can't imagine how Oda is gonna tie all of this together especially if OP is meant to wrap up in a few years as a lot of people including me suspect? Maybe 5-7 years max?

Ironically, the chapters outside of Wano, the intermission ones, like the Reverie ones have been absolutely amazing and breathtaking, along with the Roger and WB parts of the Oden flashback. If Oda can drop stuff that amazing on us so unexpectedly, I can't even imagine what he has planned for the rest and end of Wano and thus after it too especially!

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The first gifters weren’t even that bad. Sheep’s head could turn his ability on and off.
Yeah I really liked thos designs. I was ironically hyped for their potential back then. And then Oda had those characters conveniently and even literally swept away from/out of the story. There was a lot of potential with them, they kinda reminded me of Chopper with his transformations. I thought Kaido might find out about his Rumble Balls and force Chopper to enchance his gifters drastically or and even his Zoan users too! Himself included even!

And then the fire Wano nation attacked. Worst designs ever.


@Lone Laguna Espada
Just stop fighting and join the movement instead!
Didn't you hear the news though?


I was meant to come off as trying to fight them though, if it did come off like that! I'm too "triggered" atm!


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I honestly don’t see how anyone can think there hasn’t been a massive decline in quality since the time skip.

Like it’s so fucking obvious.

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Get my fingers crossed for a King hybrid being goofy free:king:
Prepare for the worst since it's Oda:

Us if Oda fucks up his hybrid design:

Seriously though, I really like Jack's, Queen's and Yamato's hybrid designs. Same with the Flying 6 too actually, although some hybrids seem to have more human-like faces compared to the others having more animal/zoan-like? Like Kaido's and Yamato's vs Drake, Queen and Page One for example? I expeted Kaido and Yamato to have their snouts/jaws or whateverfrom their Zoans in hybrid lol. We've yet to see Yamato's beast/zoan form yet too, can't wait for that!

I think Oda has held off on showing King's hybrid last purposely as it's gonna be the most badass/hype. We've seen everyone's except his and er well Orochi's now?!


I'm guessing what we saw of Maria was her in hybrid form the whole time too and she never used her zoan/beast form for some reason? Makes her look too ugly or something? I saw Oda's alternative design for her in the SBS and that was WILD, LMAO! We might get a similar case with King, where Oda gives us a badass design for King's Hybrid but he draws a joke/alternative one for a future SBS?

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