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Hey there my honeys :sweat:
Here is some place where you can enjoy and wank the shit out of both pre ts and post ts admirals.
I have a shit ton of pics, just remind me to post them, you know me my brain is difficult.

Members :
Marine Queen, « Black Deer » @Kuroshika
The Flash god @TheAncientCenturion
Kuzan Aokiji @Light D Lamperouge
Lord Akainu « Flexazuki » @Admiral Lee Hung
Issho Fujitora @Ice devil slayer
Sengoku « The Buddha »@silverfire
White Dragon Shiroryuu @Hiragaro
Blue Lion @Finalbeta
Marine D Sanji « Black Turtle » @Chrono
Ice time slayer « Blue Pheasant » @Brix
Sanji fan « Real life Chad » @ZoroIsOverrated
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I'll never forgive you Oda
Mh why do you think that ? :memehm:
Kuzan’s Ice reflects light and Light cannot freeze so I think they pretty much can’t do shit to each other lol
Lasers are heat, hyper condensed beams of light will fry Kuzan's brain.
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You did not wake up then.
The only one asleep is Kuzan after Kizaru gives him the Arlong treatment.
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