Powers & Abilities The longer Oda hides Anti-Manner Kick Course, the higher the chance Sanji will kill someone with it

Who will Sanji use AMKC on?

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Zoro D Goat

So as we know that Sanji's Anti-Manner Kick Course is one of the strongest, if not Sanji's strongest kick yet. And throughout the series, he only uses it 3 times (the irony lol).

First it was against the Bananagator.

Second was against the Groggy Monsters in Davy Back arc.

And third and finally, it was against Oars in Thriller Bark arc.

So my question is, will Sanji use Anti-Manner Kick Course again? And who will Sanji uses on?

My answer will be Queen.

I would also love to see Sanji using AMKC with Diable Jambe and Haki as well. So yeah, let me know your opinions on this ^^


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This attack is allegedly going to be overshadowed more and more until the series comes to an end.

If Oda craves for Queen's defeat by the hand of Sanji, he should consider new attacks instead of old ones, because Sanji doesn't possess a mode like Asura, he needs to rely on attacks that don't look forcedly renewed.
Queen's a huge Brachiosaur, it was made for him. I don't imagine it looking as stunning on King as I'd imagine more flashy moves in that fight but against Queen, it'll be like that Banagator scene. Amazing seeing Sanji use that move!
I want to see either AMKC or Flambage Shot. Oda had been hiding it too and Flambage Shot was Sanji’s most powerful attack pre-TS.
Wishful thinking but Sanji finishing Queen with a AMKC or breaking King’s neck and slamming him to ground with Flambage Shot would be potentially amazing scenes.