Honestly I really hope Elbaf is just straight up a Marine arc that resolves the Marine plot entirely. It ideally sounds like the perfect escalation from Egghead if you think about it.

- At the loss of either Saturn and/or Kizaru, the WG either forces Akainu to mobilize or he just decides to on his own.
- The Giants invading Egghead and destroying Marine ships is essentially a declaration of War that may escalate to Akainu sending the entire Marine force to Elbaf
- If Vegapunk and Kuma survive, then theres a decent chance that we at least get Dragon in some fashion in the arc (does not need to be the full RA army since they are reserved for the WG). Dragon, being the same age as Akainu and a former Marine, as well as Akainu only referring to Luffy as "Dragon's son", makes me entirely beleive they have unexplored history
- @nik87 actually made a pretty awesome point that Akainu being Surtur incarnate to Elbaf has....interesting implications.
- Blackbeard could be involved in the arc by virtue of Kuzan and Garp, who both have ties to Akainu/Dragon respectively.
- Luffy hypothetically defeating an Admiral now stands reason to believe that the next stage is to fight the Fleet Admiral while his subordinates take on Admirals, not unlike WCI to Wano with Yonko Commanders.

Im just feeling this one, otherwise we will go another 100+ chapters with something that may not entirely involve Marines/Yonko and that seems unlikely at this stage in the story (I dont think the Burned Scar Man, unless it is Rocks, is a villain at least)
I completely agree and want this. Kuzan being there would straight up provide "frost giants" and Niflheim in some way too lmfao. Imagine Kuzan instant freezing a giant too? Also imagine a Kuzan, Robin and Saul reunion? THAT HAS TO HAPPEN REGARDLESS!

But yeah just to add to this, Carmel was selling giants to the WG. So we might get some giants vs the Marines in revenge for that too in their history ofc. I wouldnt be surprised if Loki is doing an Orochi and Carmel and screwing over Elbaf using the WG/Marines somehow, at least on the sly. I dont think he could do anything overtly since Shanks is close with them but he might be underhanded to try something secretly on the side. Unless hes actually a "good guy" and not a villain and thus antagonist lmao. But someone in Elbaf will be I'm sure.

I'd fucking love to see Akainu pull up to Elbaf, especially with that Surtur symbolism.

I hope Gion and Chaton actually get mobilised too, if Saturn does die or if they lose Kizaru too especially. But most importantly, Akainu and Dragon both NEED to pull up somehow and we get Akainu vs Dragon too. That would be worthy of the giants themselves too.

Blackbeard will def be involved somehow, I see San Juan Wolf, Auger and Burgess for this arc at least. Idk if Pizarro will remain on Hachinosu or not but with his DF, he could be absolutely INSANE on Elbaf of all places too. We def need Kuzan there though regardless ofc and we NEED Lafitte to actually do something ofc. More Doc Q would be cool too.

I have a feeling Cross Guild will show up there and somehow Weevil too. Moria and Perona too possibly but idk why or how lol. Just get everybody there, fuck it! The greatest and literally most giant battle royale ever!

Oh fuck, dudes just imagine that hint is about Kuma being crushed by Saturn as a last sacrifice to save Bonney, Vegapunk and the Strawhats.
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It can be both, but theres zero suggestion the Underworld itself has an antagonist that will be fought there lol. I dont think Oda is introducing anymore new villains unless somehow Rocks is alive.

And yes, Im aware of the Shanks theories, but Shanks left Elbaf anyway
Dude, Punk Hazard brokers introduction!