Welcome to the House of Hope
Finally, Shnksq is gone. He deleted his tweet, finally! One of the biggest frauds has left this society. Literally, no one needs him after Jmena is gone. "RIP" and Labrent and SDFraud and Vegapunk ~~– no more frauds here after this rat. He seriously needs help. He acts like he is a provider while he is not, and keeps gazing at Redon while Redon ignores him. Pathetic rat, @shnksq, no one needs you, mate. Go away seriously thanks god you gone forever
Yeah, Mangastream was purely unhinged lmao.
It reminds me of this one hilarious edit I saw of Moria at Beehive on Twitter before., when he was looking for Absalom. Someone was making "hood edits" and they changed Moria to say "Where is my Nika?!" as he was grabbing that one random mook, it was hilarious especially imagining with his voice too lol. Change Nika to the actual N word there ofc.

I mean to think of it, pirates were "gangsters" too and they did "drive bys" by with ships and firing cannons at each other, plus actually shooting each other with guns too, like how the Blackbeard Pirates turned Whitebeard into 50 Cent ofc! Get Rich or Die Tryin indeed....