Theory The Romance of Fantasy - The Grand Monet Theory

I didn't think from that angle, but yes, it could really be related to Luffy's mother. I didn't read the manga, I just took passages out of context, but there wasn't a word about Luffy's mom in the anime. Maybe Monet will end up somehow connected to Luffy. He may have a spiritual craving for her, and maybe even finally, a love interest because of her caring side that would remind him of something very distant and pleasant in childhood, unconditional mother's love?

I'm running too far ahead. He just loves and adores snow, and also loves extreme sports (flights with Rebecca, etc.), and really appreciates such qualities as care and perseverance. Luffy takes the loss of people close to him very hard. I think it's because he broke up with his mother and father too early in his childhood. That's why he values his nakama so much. It's really nice to hear that you liked my thougths.