Powers & Abilities The underrated battle: Hawkins vs Killer

We saw 3 of Hawkins dolls on the ground (2 slashes on the head and 1 on the right side of the torso) and Killer later stabbed him another time on the left side of the chest

This makes a total of 4 dolls down for the count and we know that Hawkins can hold a maximum of 10. The precise number is tough to guess since Hawkins said 'not too many...', something that he wouldn't say if he has still more then a half (that's why I think he ain't storing 10 lives).

Anyway that's not the main point.
The main point is how Killer can get through those lives and I'm convinced he'll just go for the left arm for each remaining life since Kidd will only get his mechanic arm sliced without being harmed. The damage would still transfer (on an object), the doll would still drop out and Hawkins will regenerate.
This process will be repeated 1-6 times (reason mentioned before) until Hawkins will be left with his own body. Left arm is cut, doll is gone.
The more lives Killer will cut, the more Hawkins will get insidious, it could be like:
- 5th and 6th lives go down during a CQC spar between Killer Punishers and Hawkins Straw Sword (Hawkins just reversed base combat form)
- When 2-4 lives are missing Hawkins will use his cards, showcasing some dope shit which will probably push Killer to the ropes for some time (he always has to aim at the left arm) but the dolls will finish, maybe 1 of Hawkins cards may even remove a doll from him (?)
- Final confrontation with Hawkins real body
This is the most likely scenario imo, but I welcome Oda to surprise me as long as Killer cuts down that bastard :zosmug:
Not much of a battle if Oda is going to off screen 99% of it!
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If Oda manages to show off all of Hawkins abilties and some cool Killer moves,it could make for some cool panels at best!
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