What is happening with Sanji ? Final PU thoughts

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Lazy is the way

It is time for Sanji to shine through this new forum, so lets make this FC to honor and wank him.

Here you can discuss all you want about Sanji greatness, you can also post fanarts, GIFs, etc.

Let's go !


Members : @Chrono
@Izaya X
@Albino 👑
@Yo Tan Wa
@Sakura no Hiluluk

@Foxy Bunny
@Tenshi No Konan
@Dark Knight Sanji
@yunzabit heights
@Winsmoke Sanji
@Guan Yu
@Monster trio
@Zoro D Goat
@Sadistic Senpai
@Mr. Anderson
@critical mindset
@Surgeon of Death
@AL sama
@Whos D. Silhouette
@Vinsmoke D. Zolo
@Rulo D.Oro
@[No Name]
@U c 4 up da idly
@Wonderful World

Some tags thanks to @JioFreed :​



First poll results : Sanji ship
Sanji best ship : Nami with 44,6% and 25 voters.
Sanji future ship : Nami with 46,4% and 26 voters.

So the official ship of the FC is Sanji x Nami :

Second poll results : Wano PU
New fire with 41,9% and 18 votes

COO with 32,7% with 16 votes

Genetic modification awakening with 27,9% and 12 votes
Devil transformation with 25,6% and 11 voters

Third poll results : Wano fight
Sanji fight in Wano 1st place : Queen solo fight with 39,7% and 27 voters.
Sanji fight in Wano 2nd place : King solo fight with 30,9% and 21 voters.
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Light D Lamperouge

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I can't wait until Sanji kicks Zoro's ass.

Do not start the baiting, and turning it into flaming, you should know better. Let's all enjoy our fanclubs and have fun, it is the first day, there is no need to go at each other immediately, we will have a lot of time for that later.


Also, hello to all the Sanji fans.



Science Nerd 🌌 🌍 🧬 ⚛️
In :)

Edit: This site truly shaped my character preferences over time lol. Not that I ever was a real Sanji fan, or even a real Zoro fan before joining, but I could witness the light thanks to the contribute of this site and so I now happen to dislike Sanji and love Zoro other than having become a lot more knowledgeable about the latter due feeling more embroiled which only made things easier and turned me into an actual substantial fan.
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